Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors, are among the elements of design and decorative furniture with an exceptional talent for interior design, they contribute to the brightness of the rooms and to the sense of space and depth, making the rooms look more beautiful, spacious and bright. The wall mirrors are design pieces that catch the eye immediately and combine perfectly with modern, luxurious and elegant interior spaces.

Each room can be furnished with special wall mirrors, depending on the effect you want to achieve, a cosy atmosphere for the entrance mirror, a refined one for the living room mirror and a relaxing atmosphere for the bedroom mirror.

Entrance mirrors
are usually smaller in size, sometimes accompanied by a light, a shelf or a console.
A design entrance mirror, or a special entrance mirror, will make your home feel cosy at first glance.

According to the living room mirror, in this case you can instead focus on special wall mirrors or large wall mirrors to make the living room modern and unique. A horizontal mirror hanging like a painting above the sofa or a vertical mirror above the console, will emphasize the environment and make it brighter and more refined.

According to the bedroom mirror, instead, here large wall mirrors are perfect to make the bedroom larger or to create a more welcoming atmosphere. A horizontal mirror, hanging like a picture above the dresser, is perfect to make the room wider, while a vertical mirror is perfect to allow you to mirror yourself full-length while you are dressing.

Design mirrors

Design mirrors, born from the encounter of industrial technique and artisan experience, are all shaped by designers who work the material with creativity but also deep knowledge in each project, with productions which are entirely inspired by the method and quality of Made in Italy.
For those who want a refined and contemporary style for their home, furnishing with design mirrors means choosing valuable mirrors.
Modern design mirrors are characterized by curved glass frames, shaped glass, mirrored glass, decorated glass, painted glass, grit glass, shapes and geometries with the incredible ability to transform light and glass into a sculpture or a piece of art.

Modern wall mirrors

Modern wall mirrors, if you love detail and quality, then you can't miss the Infabbrica selection of modern wall mirrors, all of which are handcrafted, with mirrored, satin or painted reflective surfaces.
Modern wall mirrors are the perfect furnishing accessories to transform a flat, anonymous wall into an original design work. A modern wall mirror will make the space look visually larger and give the room a distinct personality.

Curved glass: The techniques for production

To flex and then bend the glass, it is necessary to start a thermal process in which the glass is heated to softening temperature.
The furnaces required for processing must reach a temperature of about 700° so that the glass reaches a plastic consistency through gradual heating.
The softened sheet thanks to the natural force of gravity adheres to a thermoformed mould, previously worked by taking its shape: in this very moment the real magic of curved glass is born.

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