Upholstered Beds

Upholstered Beds: The functional elegance of the upholstered beds will make your bedroom a pleasure place where spend your nights. The classic or modern glamour of the upholstered beds represents a matter of taste for your bedroom.

The bed is the furnishing item which has the task of allow us relaxing fine and with pleasure. High quality materials and with a refined aesthetic, ensure pleasing sleeps, without renounce to the style. We at Infabbrica choose the best materials, evaluating every single feature during the choice of the upholstered beds we popose you.

Choosing among the upholstered beds proposals 

Choosing among the upholstered beds proposals: The choice of an upholstered bed for the bedroom, queen-size or single, is based on the choice of the materials, on the features, which have to be made in high quality, in order to ensure an easy maintenance. 

Compared to the classic talamo, which does not have fabrics on the frame, the upholstered bed yes, and the cloth of which is coated will has to be easily removable in order to have the possibility of wash it periodically also at home without have the work made by a specified laundry, without loose the chance of keep a stylistic armony with the rest of the room furnishing. Nightstand, mirrors and upholstered bed from the easy combination. The dust, the smoke and stains are incidents which can be overcome by an hand cleaning or by washing machine, of all the fabrics which form the structure of the bed, like as the head, the pillows and the bed frame.

Then, che choice of the materials is essential, because, high quality fabrics withsand the passage of time and its conditions without losing enamel to your purchase. Linings on the bed frame and on the head are usualluy easily removable, thanks to hidden zippers, which help the bed process of dressing and undressing.

Also in this case the sartorial search of Infabbrica, of remarkable excellence, guarantees robust and durable zippers which will resist to the passage of time, in order to avoid expensive and boring replacements of your upholstered bed.

The importance of the fabrics while choosing a upholstered bed

The importance of the fabrics while choosing a upholstered bed: Regarding the tissues which form the paddings and the pillows, the range of proposals is nearly infinite, also custimizable according on your own style and taste. Classic, design or the upholder bed will be the the king of the furnishing on your bedroom, properly thanks to its structure which does ot limit it only on the relax function, but makes it one of the best furnishing items of your room. A new tendence is to mix leather and fabrics, creating an innovative and modern.

The most common materials, used to pad the bed frame and the head are the expanded polyurethane at different shares which is a foamy material characterized from the high softness and the polyester wadding, all non-toxic materials and unassailable from mites and parasites. Furthermore both the polyurethane and the wadding are excellent thermal insulation. The bed bearing structures can be made of more or less valuable wood, according to the different models and the producers and can also have refined and particular inserts, like as the oak.  

Analizyng the supporting bases of choosing an upholstered bed, pwe can evaluate the aesthetic aspect whic is not a secondary. Also in this case lnfabbrica proposals clearly shows the appreciation of the public regarding this item, thanks to the wide range of models and variants that Infabbrica offers to you, in order to satisfy every single need. Paying attention on what the customer wants and to his needs, link the team of Infabbrica on customizing every single product, to make it as suitable as possible to your idea.

An advantage also when purchasing a not niche product, because will allow you having a unique product to enjoy every day. Uphostered beds with a capitonnè head are doubtless those with the strngest visible impact. High class and highly refined models which thanks to the design offer product from the absolute stylistic value and from the high quality. Usually in leather, they adapt to classic environments and also to more modern ones.

For a younger and more sparkling environment there is the possibility of choosing the padding among drier and linear ones, a beautiful and and important bed while, at he same time less impressive. In order to sum up all the different styles, the classic model is the one with more rounded shapes, with padding fixed by buttons and capitonnè processings. The classic type often has upholstered beds in leather and ecoleather which is resistant and suitable to the classicity of the wood. The base of the bed is usually dressed with a skirt. The modern upholstered bed models iare more linear, less heavy and almost without accessories and the fabrics are in alcantara or in cotton. The contemporary ones have vanguard stylistic forms, made in order to give a strong visual impact as an artwork, with privileged coating materials.

Upholstered beds can also be equipped with a container, very helpful in houses with little space. A surface, a place, where you will be able to safeguard from the dust and from the view objects or the cumbersome bedding, like as duvets and blankets for example. If the uphelstered bed has also a container, the closing and lift system will have an important role.

Furthermore are also available heads reclining elecrtically, comfortly actuable thanks to a remote control. Many beds can be dress or undress, properly thenks to the lifting of the upholstered bed with container, in order to facilitate the movements which will be done not leaned, but in an upright position.

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