Cupboards and dressers

Cupboards and dressers: Every house deserves to be well-finished and furnished with attention to detail. A lovely wooden cupboard represents the ideal solution. Cupboards are both useful and outstanding pieces of furniture that can give your home a completely different look! Not only are our cupboards perfect to store things, clothes, food and more, but they can also transform your living room, thanks to its massive structure. A valid example is Amina, an old-looking yellow-varnished cupboard, made of solid birch wood, with two doors and two drawers. The ethnic style of this wooden sideboard will give your home an impressive look! You can choose to place this wooden cupboard in your bedroom for an original and extravagant touch; instead, if you love unusual and stylish kitchen designs, you can place your wooden cupboard right in your kitchen!         

Do you love shabby chic decorating, but don’t know how to incorporate this décor style in your home? Do you love pastel colours and neutral shades that bring harmony and serenity? Arisa is the fitting solution! This original and gorgeous cupboard, made of wood, will naturally add a classy and stylish touch. If you love ethnic home décor and a furniture style that reminds you of faraway and enchanted places, Shizuka, with its extended structure in red lacquered wood, creates a fascinating and captivating atmosphere. The visual effect produced by this wooden cupboard is really remarkable and outstanding. Another beautiful sideboard in shabby chic style is Saya. This pale-blue wooden cabinet will give your home a touch of style.     

Dressers: lovely and useful

Dressers: lovely and useful practical pieces of furniture; the original French name “commode” recalls one of the most important characteristics of this furniture element: comfort. Dressers and chests of drawers are essentially the same pieces of furniture. Your bedroom will look neat and will inspire a sense of well-being with the right bedroom dresser. Settimino, chest of drawers Tema, is lovely, useful and functional; the drawers are extremely handy to store all your things! Keep your home tidy with the right dresser! A particular and amazing chest of drawers is the suspended bedside table Tratto, which has a strong visual impact. Tratto is a floating dresser with three drawers, available with or without handles in different finishes, like wood or smooth matt lacquer colours; this bedside table is equipped with guides and a slow closing, with wall connections with anti-release system and alignment adjustment. Beautiful and tasteful dressers to make your home even more exclusive and classy.

Modern Dressers

Modern Dressers: Spazio is a refined and classic style dresser with four drawers. Available in different colours, from the lightest to the darkest ones. Take the chance to decorate your apartment with a fine and classy dresser like Spazio! Do you need a modern, linear and elegant furniture? Comò, with four drawers, is perfect to keep your home neat, lovely and fashionable! Another modern and fine-looking chest of drawers is Tema; this dresser with four drawers and opening system “Push and Open” is the perfect solution! The drawers of this design dresser are particularly handy and spacious to store many things! Clothes, shoes, any kind of objects can be stored in the drawers in order to keep your home tidy and avoid that messy look. Original, eye-catching, dynamic and high-class… It’s Tratto, a bedside table with chromed feet. Particularly suitable for creating a sophisticated and modern ambience. Don’t forget to give your home a tidy and lovely look with the right dresser! Chest of drawers and dressers of any style, with the right number of drawers for all needs and spaces. Choose the most suitable dresser for you and your home!

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