Table Lamps

Table lamps: are always needed, because they’re fundamental to create the proper illumination while you’re working or reading. Moreover, table lamps help creating a pleasant, homey and sometimes romantic atmosphere, with they’re soft light.

A design table lamp is the expression of your taste and of your creativity, an element not only functional but also very useful to decorate your house with style.

Infabbrica offers you a wide range of modern, classic or design table lamps that will efficiently light your house and will decorate it with creativity.

How to light up your house with table lamps

How to light up your house with table lamps: Light is a fundamental element in every house: it makes the house look more spacious and it helps to make more of the furnishing.

A well-lit apartment gives those who live in it and the guests, the sensation of a greater pleasantness.

While choosing table lamps, it’s important to follow a general project, in order to light up your house in the best way. In fact, it’s fundamental to use different light sources for every location, according to different functions. For example, in the bedroom you should have a central light on the ceiling and a lamp on your bedside to read in bed. In the living room can be placed floor lamps to light up the sofa corner and table lamps near your favourite armchair to relax while reading the newspaper.

With the lightning project of your house, you should try to create a good balance between direct and indirect light. With “direct” lights, we mean all those light sources that come from the above, like chandeliers and spotlights. With “indirect” lights, instead, we mean the ones that lighten from the bottom up, such as table lamps.

Table lamps indirect light is ideal to light up the areas of the house where you carries out activities that require to focus, such as reading (bedside lamps) or working (desk lamps), where, therefore, you need an additional light.

Moreover, indirect light, projecting a beam of light that widens from the bottom, helps to create a relaxing atmosphere with a soft light, ideal for a romantic night or to relax with a good book.
While choosing the lamps to light up your house, you should consider creating the proper lighting in every room, according to the activities that you’ll carry out in.

Decorate your house with a design table lamp

Decorate your house with a design table lamp: While purchasing the table lamps to decorate your house, you don’t have to consider only the functional aspect, but also the aesthetics, in order to make more of the furnishing with an ornamental element that gives uniqueness to its style.

In the catalogue of Infabbrica, it’s impossible not to find a design table lamp that meets your tastes: in fact, Infabbrica offers a wide range of models, among classic, modern or design table lamps.
Classic lamps are usually made of wood, whereas the modern ones are often made of metal, with colourful lampshades and innovative design. Ceramic lamps are very original, handcrafted with a sort of oriental shape.

Desk lamps, for a proper lighting while working

You can’t have a desk without a lamp! In fact, it is fundamental to not weigh down the sight long hours.

Moreover, while as we sit our body projects on the desk the shadow of the light that comes from above, but a desk lamp can combat or cancel it.

Whatever is the desk, in the catalogue of Infabbrica it will be easy for you to find the perfect desing desk lamp for you!

While choosing your desk lamp you have to take into account not only its design, but also its functionality: in fact, the ideal lamp is reclinable and adjustable to fit the height and the needs of anyone who sits at a desk to work.

Bedside lamps, to read comfortably in bed

Among the table lamps offered by Infabbrica, you can find models that can also be used as bedside lamps for the bedroom.

Having a lamp on the bedside near your bed becomes fundamental to read under the covers, or when the light switch is too far and it forces you to get up to turn it off and then having to go back to bed in the dark.

A bedside lamp is not only functional, but it’s a decorative element that gives your bedroom a touch of style. You can choose among several design bedside lamp models the one you prefer: in our catalogue, you will find a lot of modern, classic or design bedside lamps!

Choose your table lamp with the help of Infabbrica!

Fit out your house with table lamps is very important to get the proper lighting and to complete the aesthetics and the furnishing of your house. Table lamps, as we have seen, have different functions: from the decorative one to create a soft and romantic light to the functional one necessary to read and to work. They can be placed in different location, from the living room to the office, from the bedroom to the children’s desk.

Infabbrica offers a wide range of table lamps suitable for every use that give your house a touch of style and design. You just have to choose the ones you love the most and that harmonize better with your furnishing!

If you need assistance while ordering you lamps, please phone us at 0721/580999 or mail us at Choose Infabbrica, choose a design illumination!

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