Modern carpets

Modern carpets: Interior design should follow a basic notion: details are the ones that make a difference and make your home unique. A carpet is exactly the detail you need to make your home outstanding…Design carpets can really give a touch of style and personality to your house! Contemporary carpets can have short or long hair and you can decide which one suits your apartment better. Colored carpets to give freshness and joy to the room, or design carpets for a touch of style and fashion. Every room of the house should be enriched with a beautiful carpet: they can also be very useful if you have kids, as a soft surface for their games!

Come and find our wonderful carpets

Come and find our wonderful carpets: Surfing the Internet you can find a huge variety of carpets…but our carpets are just amazing! Beautiful, stylish, outstanding: Infabbrica offers you carpets for every taste and need! Contemporary carpets can give to every house that particular touch to complete the furniture. Colorful carpets are the perfect pieces of furniture to make your house cheerful and fun!

Every living room needs a beautiful carpet! In fact a beautiful living room carpet will make your living area more detailed and singular. Among our colorful carpets there’s one really outstanding and lively: it’s the colored carpet Argo Garenia Ivory; the pois pattern of this modern carpet is fun and will immediately live up the room. Argo Garenia Ivory is hand-woven and is also ideal to decorate the bedroom. Another beautiful colorful carpet with a pois pattern is Argo Pois, also hand-woven: the lighter shade in the background contrasts with the many different colors of the dots, making it really wonderful! Contemporary rugs for every taste ... which one you choose?

Colorful carpets are a real passion! Beautiful, cheerful, colorful ... Aditi 025! With this beautiful carpet design your bedroom or your living room will revive the energy and become unique! Make your interior spaces alive and sparkling with beautiful contemporary rugs able to adapt to any decor. Aditi 025 is a colorful carpet that will simply make your home unique! Place it where you find it's lacking the right energy from the beauty of the colors! Lovers of colorful carpets ... from the soft shades to bright tones ... ready to be conquered by our proposals?

Contemporary carpets for a trendy home

Contemporary carpets for a trendy home: Handloom is a design carpet simply…colored! It’s hand-woven and with an elegant and beautiful pattern, this contemporary carpet can literally transform your house and make it unique and simply wonderful. This contemporary carpet comes also in blue. Beautiful, elegant, outstanding, this carpets stands out among many others design rugs.

Ganesha 035 is a special and peculiar carpet with an ethnic design: it’s entirely made of cotton and thanks to its colors can give freshness and liveliness to every room, enhancing every piece of furniture next to it. The colors of this contemporary carpet are incredibly bright and able to give your room energy and dynamism. Daru is an ethnic carpet suitable for any interior! This carpet design, is able to unite the ancient craftsmanship of Indian weavers to contemporary design, creating a truly original design rug!

Among longhaired carpets there are shaggy carpets! Shaggy carpets are characterized by an extreme softness, coziness and comfort. Shaggy is particularly suitable for as table tops, expecially for the bedroom. In fact, there is something better than getting out of bed in the morning and sink your feet into something soft and warm? Shaggy colorful and soft carpets...that will make your life more comfortable!

Claudy is a really amazing shaggy carpet! Available in many different colors, they will make the interior of your home truly intriguing and beautiful! Aster is a machine-woven shaggy carpet in really handy perfect if you need color and energy to make your home unique! Modern design carpets design to give every room all the energy and beauty it deserves!

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