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Design Furniture: Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous architect and designer of the 20th century, one time said if you don’t invest in beauty your life will be impoverished. Let yourself guide by the beauty in every setting of your life, from the most important things to the simples ones, in order to increase and make it a masterpiece.

Infabbrica has selected for you a décor inspired by the beauty of the “timeless” creations of the most important masters of design and furniture: making home rich with design  things means trust in Classic that never go out of style. With our furniture inspired by Masters of Design the history joins in your house and distinguished it with style and personality.

Design furniture inspired by Masters of Design: history joins your house

Design furniture inspired by Masters of Design: One of the most common mistake we make in furnishing home is fill it with things and furniture without a real parameter by making locations too chaotic and disorganized. Reducing furniture is often the right solutions: few furniture but with immediate effect. This is the theme of the great interior designer who prefers a selection of valued furniture that give personality and style to the locations. Our furniture are inspired by some of the most influential designers of the 1900s: Robert Mallet Stevens, Frank Lloyd Wright, Isamu Noguchi. Start with us a journey to discover the furniture history and let yourself attract by the beauty of the unique pieces of design to an excellent price.

Art Noveau of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Our journey among the masters of design starts with Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the most famous representative of the Art Nouveau in the United Kingdom. Our small tables with resealable doors are inspired by him: especially in the reticulate base, detail that Mackintosh recalls in lot of his creations. We found the particular net detail also in the design chairs Hill House and Tronetto, seat of great style and with an important visual effect.
Mackintosh’s furniture are rich of motives and decorations and often with vertical developments like those of Ingram and Argyle chairs, but by never forgetting the functionality. The practice beauty of these design furniture ,indeed, make them classic furniture but always currents by promising a timeless elegance and a notable glance in the interior design of any location.

Robert Mallet Stevens and René Herbst: clearness and sobriety of lines

In contrast with the sinuosity and the abundance of the decorations of Art Noveau, the exponents of the “Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM)” preferred simple lines and shapes. René Herbst, for example, created a series of furniture with steel tube and elastic elements, from which are inspired the Chaise Longue, the seats and the office chair that we propose you. The same simplicity is also recovered in the chairs inspired by Robert Mallet Stevens’ creations like the chairs which bring his name, in varnished metal with or without armrests.

Bauhaus e DeStijl: the industrial design of the Twenties

In the Twenties in Weimar the energetic school of architecture, applied art and design named Bauhaus works in the mood consecutive the Industrial Revolution and for this it formulates a type of art extremely functional and strictly tied to the technology and mechanization. One of the main exponent was Marcel Breuer, included among the most important and contemporary designers. It’s under the influence of De Stijl, artistic movement deeply tied to Bauhaus, that Breuer created his famous line of furniture with tubular frame in chromed metal. Reconnected to this line of furniture are the Cesca seat,  with seatback in Vienna’s straw, polished and essential in lines and design; and Laccio table with bridge structure and  plastic laminated top.

Abstractionism, geometrics lines and primary colours were the common denominator of De Stijl movement- or Neo-Plasticism- applied to arts, painting, architecture and design. Infact the work of the designer Gerrit Rietveld were geometrics and abstract; his creations are by now actual icons of contemporary furniture and design.  We recover this typical geometric abstractionism in Blu and Rossa armchair, Zig Zag chair and Schroeder small table that are inspired by his most famous creations.

Aesthetics meets functionality with Charles Eames e EeroSaarinen

Among the numerous designers we have pay homage with this products selection, we also found Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. Great experimenters, they both worked in order to find out innovative methods and technologies in use of materials, with the goal of conciliating functionality and aesthetics.The chair inspired by Eames, for example, reminds his most famous works by testing curved plywood.The seat of this chairs is specifically studied to cover and following human anatomy.Eero Saarinen, his friend and great collaborator, tested the use of fiberglass: it’s inspired by him Tulip chairs line, stool and small tables of a timeless elegance.

The systematic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

 An architecture and a design tailored to man, but always in harmony with nature: this is the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright: one of the most great architect and designer of the 20th century. Discover the beautiful Barrel, Coonley and Robie design chairs with slat seatback in solid cherry wood that promises an unmatched style and character.

These are just a few among the designers we wanted to pay homage with this unique selection of furniture inspired by the greatest masters of modern design, with a journey that goes thought the 1990s furniture history in order to offer you pieces of great style at unique prices.

For any further information, write an e-mail to or call us at 0721405305: our Staff will be at your disposition for any requirement.

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Cesca chair replacement parts Replacement parts of the chair Cesca, seats and seatbacks with the frame made of beech wood and with the tissue made of natural Wien’s straw, and/or pair of armrests. Frame made of beech wood, polished naturally or lacquered, on which the tissue of Wien’s straw is...

39,00 €

Chair spare elastic bands René Herbst 301 Kit of 28 spare elastic bands with snap hooks upholstered in black cotton. The product is perfect for the René Herbst 301 chair. The elastic band is perfect for a frame with 39 cm distance between the fixing holes. The application of these elastic bands...

79,00 €

Chair spare elastic bands René Herbst 303 Kit of 32 spare elastic bands with snap hooks upholstered in black cotton. The product is perfect for the René Herbst 303 chair. The elastic bands of the seat and the seatback are different: 17 elastic bands of 32 cm for the seat 15 elastic bands of 34...

89,00 €
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Mallet Stevens chair in lacquered metal - design Stackable chair with seat and back in matt black lacquered metal sheet or with faux leather upholstered seat. Colors of the sheet seat: Matt black (original color), or in the RAL color you prefer. Shiny finishing available on demand.WRITE IN THE...

99,00 €
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Mallet Stevens: industrial style chair Industrial style chair Mallet Stevens, vintage chair with a metal structure varnished with a transparent protective. Available with seat and backrest in sheet-metal, or with the upholstered seat covered with faux leather. The structure is intentionally rough...

109,00 €

Chair spare elastic bands René Herbst 304 KIt of N.48 spare elastic bands with snap hooks uphostered in black cotton. The product is perfect for the René Herbst 304 seat.The elastic bands of the seat, the seatback and the armrests are different: 36 elastic bands of 35 cm for the seat and the...

109,00 €
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Mallet Stevens armchair in lacquered metal - design Stackable chair with armrests with seat and back in matt black lacquered metal sheet or with faux leather upholstered seat. Colors of the sheet seat: Matt black (original color), or in the RAL color you prefer. Shiny finishing available on...

119,00 €

Thonet 16: Wooden chair Wooden chair Thonet, Viennese chair in curved beech wood, with wooden or braided Vienna straw seat.Available in various wood finishes. The elegant curve in beech wood forms the structure of the chair.The backrest is made of a single piece with the back legs to form a...

125,00 € 166,67 €
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Bauhaus design Chair Chair with ABS seat and chair legs made of natural painted beech and laquered black steel.Its design makes it ideal for the living room, the kitchen, the conference room, and the office.Particularly comfortable thanks to its enveloping seat. reboot Size: L47 x W45x H82 (H....

125,00 €
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Jacobsen wooden chair with steel structure Stackable chair with plywood body in natural or painted beech. Chromed steel structure d. 14x2 mm. Size: L 47 W 52 H seat 42 - H seatback 77 cm Colours:Natural beech, white, red, yellow, black, blue. Arne Jacobsen 1955 Reboot Minimun order: 4 pieces of...

139,00 €
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Cesca S32 chair in chromed metal with wooden frame - Bauhaus design Chair with structure in chromed metal, diameter mm 25x2 high resistance, with solder caps. Seat and back in 'Vienna's straw' with edges in black or natural laquered beechwood.Marcel Breuer 1928 Reboot Dimensions cm. L 47 - W 56 H...

169,00 €
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Marcel Breuer curved table - design Chromed structure with iron pipe diameter mm 20X1,5.White or black plastic laminated plan. Available sizes: Small cm. 45x42 H 45 - 7 kgBig cm. 45x124 H 34 - 12 kg Marcel Breuer 1925/1926 Reboot  This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance...

319,00 €
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