Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps are fundamental to light up the outdoor areas of your house, such as gardens or terraces. Outdoor lamps make your outdoors look brighter and well-finished.

A garden lamp is essential if you want to light up your outdoors during parties or dinners.
Infabbrica, in its catalogue, selected for you the best outdoor and garden lamps to decorate and light up your outdoor areas!

Outdoor lamps, make the most of your outdoor!

Outdoor lamps, make the most of your outdoor: In a house it’s fundamental to have the proper lighting to carry out various activities, but it’s important to light up outdoors too, to be able to use it even when the sun goes down.

Outdoor lamps are essential to organize dinners, parties and meetings to facilitate every movement outside. With outdoor lamps you can light up also the entrance of your house and make it more accessible, elegant and safer.
With the proper illumination you’ll enjoy your garden even after the sunset. They can create a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor lamps, light up with style

Outdoor lamps, light up with style: Outdoor lamps are essential to enjoy your outdoor even in the evenings and a lawn lit by the proper light looks more elegant and stylish.

When choosing a garden lamp, you have to consider not only the design, but also its function: if the lamp has to withstand open weather exposure, it’s better to choose models with a higher level of IP protection. The degree of protection varies from lamp to lamp: in fact, there are lamps that can resist to water splash and others that can go underwater.
Infabbrica, in its catalogue, offers a wide choice of outdoor and garden lamps. All you have to do is choose the one with the design you prefer!
If you need assistance while ordering you lamps, please phone us at 0721/580999 or mail us at info@infabbrica.comChoose Infabbrica, choose a design lighting!

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