Garden pots

Garden pots: Flowerpots are fundamental to make your garden beautiful and agreeable. In fact, they help to create an orderly and colourful outdoor space, where harmony reigns supreme. Flowers and plants will find their place in garden pots of every size and shape. Choose big pots to highlight the naturalistic design of your outdoor area!

Garden pots are items of central importance to decorate a beautiful and tidy garden that represent you and your nature-loving. Let yourself be conquered by design garden pots, carefully made by sector experts. Discover the wide range of pots that Infabbrica offers and let yourself be inspired by all our proposals.

Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots: Terracotta garden pots are an evergreen and will always keep their beauty and their style.

Cubo is a pot made of terracotta with a classical style; smooth and square, this pot is ideal for all the stages of growth: from germination to flowering; geraniums, tulips, orchids…choose the flower you want to grow in your flowerpot!
The Tuscan jar is a bellied terracotta pot, completely handmade that will make your garden really characteristic.
If you love details and uniqueness, take a look at the Festooned Tuscan pot 004; the relief gives this clay pot style and enviable class.

Pots can contain your flowers and plants with comfort and style.
Nothing is more beautiful and useful than a garden pot that will help you create the atmosphere you have always wanted!
Garden pots of every shape suitable for every plants and flowers! Choose the pot that meet your needs and tastes!
Anfora is a very refined and characteristic terracotta pot. Its unique shape allows creating a design and stylish outdoor space, it will make the difference! It also exists a wall version of Anfora, really beautiful and original.
Garden pots like this last one, will make your garden unique and will give it a strong personality.
Umbrella stand three handles 040 is a pot that can easily turn into an umbrella stand, to be placed outside or in the entrance of your house.
If you love pottery and you are aware of the excellent impact it causes, in terms of beauty and history, choosing to place your umbrella in a beautiful terracotta pot, will be a perfect solution! 

Luminous vases: light up Nature!

Luminous vases: light up Nature! Outdoor luminous vases are pieces of furniture that will make your garden really unique and inimitable; they can give your garden a touch of strong personality and will make your outdoor area characteristic and captivating. 

Luminous vase Modern is particularly appropriate for those external areas that want to be distinguished by their personality and grit; white resin vase, suitable to illuminate and furnish both internal and external locations. Resistant to cold, heat and ultraviolet rays, this outdoor vase will make the difference!

Luminous vase Classic will bring out the flowers that you’ll put in it and will give your garden a touch of style!
Another luminous outdoor vase is Cubico. Adaptable to every location, this vase combines design and functionality.
Its contemporary design gives character to the green spaces, where form and colour, combined with the use of innovative material, complement and enliven the setting. They’re also perfect to be placed at the entrance of your house.
Outdoor luminous vases will make your garden and your house unique and will light up with style your plants or your flowers that will look even more beautiful and well-trimmed.
Choose the outdoor luminous vase you prefer…and light up Nature!

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