Bookcases: «At the age of 70, those who don’t read will have led only one life: their own! Those who read will have lived 5000 lives: they were there when Cain killed Abele, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired the infinite… because literature is backwards immortality.»   

This beautiful and truthful quote from Umberto Eco holds a deep meaning and a morality that should be part of every human being. Reading a book can take us to a parallel dimension by feeding our fantasy and by giving us the chance to relax and rest. A lovely bookcase will enhance your house and will contain your favourite novels and books.

Wall bookcases

Wall bookcases: There are different types of modern bookcases and Infabbrica offers a wide range of practical and fashionable solutions. Innesto, a wall modular bookcase, will provide an elegant and modern style to our living room. This modular bookcase, thanks to its characteristics, will contain not only our books and encyclopaedias, but also our decorative objects and souvenirs, which will make it more particular and stylish. Bookcases tell stories and remind us of our life travels, by holding books, objects as well as souvenirs, very useful to make it more characteristic and personal. For example, we can put a scale model of the Eiffel Tower we bought in Paris on the bookcase, between a book and an encyclopedia, so that it will remind us forever of our trip in the capital of love. Our modern bookcase will be therefore an essential element to decorate your living room, bedroom or our hall.      

Our pictures and memory books can be put on Sixty, our extraordinary and trendy wall bookcase in methacrylate. Sixty, a design bookcase with irregular shelves, characterized by diverse shapes and width, represents the best of modernity and contemporary style; fashion, utility and beauty in a bookcase that is rich in personality and style. We can choose the black-coloured one to create a chic and refined ambience. Sixty is available in different colours… it’s up to us to choose which one is right for us and our house.                

Nature lovers can choose to put their favourite magazine covers on Foglia, our wall bookcase characterized by a unique design. This leaf-shaped modern bookcase will give our ambience a natural touch. Ideal to give our house a more natural look that seemed to be missing before, Foglia will recreate a sense of joy and harmony, characteristics that only the natural world seems to feature. The white-coloured one gives a classy and elegant atmosphere to the room where we want to place this airy and sparkling piece of furniture.            

Modern bookcase: light up your personality!

Modern bookcase: light up your personality!: With Equal we will light up your favourite books and objects. This valued technological modern bookcase will light up your objects and novels and will make your personal style stand out; provided with a backlit panel, this particular and unique design bookcase will “highlight” your taste and personality. Choose our fancy bookcase to brighten up with style the most beautiful and lively area of your house! The backlit shelves of this special modern bookcase and the two USB sockets suitable for smartphones and tablets make it smart and chic at the same time. In this way we add charm to its extreme functionality, making your living room really attractive and outstanding.               

Modular bookcases: let your imagination run wild: Among our modular bookcases, Mondrain, with a dynamic and modern look. If we love regular and geometrical shapes, for example, we can create a rhombus-shaped model, which is perfect for an office; in this way we will add style and personality to our workplace, making it look more innovative and outstanding. Mondrian will let our imagination fly and give us the possibility to create the most personal bookcase. Not only shape… but also colour! Besides choosing how to place the jointed shelves, we can decide what colour combination suits your room better. This smart piece of furniture, with its characteristics, holds the essence of choosing, by letting us create our shape and colour. We can free our fantasy and creativity… as we were designers for a day!        

With Charmy, a modular bookcase, we can give our house an elegant look, without having to give up on ease and on the possibility to choose the best solution based on our needs and preferences. Thus, our modern bookcase can be designed from one up to five columns… it’s up to us to shape our simple and functional bookcase.    

Byblos, our glass shelves bookcase, gives our ambience refinement and elegance. Designed with attention to detail in order to be tough and resistant, this bookcase is the perfect solution for every type of interior room, as the glass naturally embraces any ambience. A simple design for a bookcase that is synonym of resistance guarantee and refined look. As an important piece of furniture, this bookcase will tell about us, our taste and personality, therefore it will be essential to give the right importance to it.            

If you love irregular shapes and creative layouts, Myshelf is perfect for you. This eco-friendly design bookcase, made of ecological material, will furnish any room with style and grace. The refined and harmonic structure makes the bookcase suitable for every type of living room; smart, practical and dynamic, Myshelf represents the best solution for those who want to enhance with style their living room or bedroom, without giving up on practicality.       

Infabbrica offers a wide range of different bookcases, which are essential pieces of furniture in every house. Design bookcases for every taste and need… check out our website, you will find a world of ideas on how to make room for you novels, photo books, encyclopedias and objects; don’t miss the opportunity to have a both trendy and practical bookcase, that will make your house warmer and rich in personality as well.

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