Console tables

Console tables: Infabbrica has chosen for you the best products available on the market. Refined materials and design to give the environment the desired style with beautiful console tables, studyed and designed in order to satisfy the customer needs.

Do not waste time, browse the catalog, you will find the console table right for you, suitable for your house furniture style and capable of satisfy the needs of each family member. Practicality and style, space-saving and at the same time comfortable table in order to host relatives and friends. 

Only with one item of furniture you will have the multifunctionality of a unique and essential furniture. Chose among our models; shapes and colors are studyed and made with great attention to your needs and following the current trend. A console table is whatvyou need.

Console tables: excellent save-spacing solutions

Console tables: excellent save-spacing solutions: is perfect for those who live in little places and need to take advantage of every single centimetre. Those who can not have bulky furniture, like as a long table, often are forced not to host relatives and friends at home. To whom who do not want to renounce having dinner or meet friends despite the small space available, extendable console tables are the ideal solution. 

Console tables are not only rational and concrets furnishings, but also an important component in order to give value to places like the entrance or the living room in aesthetic terms. On the market are possible to find a wide range of models of each shape and material.
Infabbrica selects carefully every single extendable console table in order to find the best solutions with the best price performance.

Your ideal extendable console

Your ideal extendable console: In this section you can find the right extendable console in order to satisfy your needs! That kind of items are indispensable to furnish with style your home entrance. Furthermore are usefulness to lean on them common objects that usually are lost because  of their bad placement, like the keys, for example. Is not wrong to affirm that console tables are an indispensable and basic furnish for modern houses, because of their feature of being adjustable, longer or less, according to different needs. 

Those who want to have a big table can't do without having an extendable console at home.
Many of these tables can reach even three metres long, which will allow you to host people with no problems at home. Family members are all to be pleased, mum who invites her friends for a tea in the afternoon or a female dinner, dad, with the classic nights based on pizza and football with friends and last but not least children who spend hours talking, playing or doing homeworks together in the afternoon. The common solution is the extendable table.  
Small table during the day, big and long table when needed. 
Infabbrica has chosen for you consoles table capable of satisfy all your needs without loosing style and elegance. 

What are you waiting for? We are here to help you find your ideal console table, the one which can be placed in every space of the house, adapting to the furnishg style already present. Only us can give you the right console table, with the suitable dimension and the ideal color!
Our experts will be able to give you the right suggest, listening your needs and giving you the answers you are searching for. You will create your ideal home in the shortest possible time. 
Call us or write us at our e-mail address, writing to the dedicated section, "servizio clienti" and we will answer all your questions.
For information on purchases, terms of payment, returns and the right of withdrawal read the dedicated pages. Our strenght is your satisfaction. 
Find all the console tables of Infabbrica!

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