Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas: At Infabbrica you can find the bathroom furniture that's right for you, a solution that won't make you regret having chosen the all-Italian quality! That's right, our products are made by specialized Italian companies. The set of elements in different materials comes from bleached oak, etched glass shelves and ceramic washbasins tailored for the bathroom so you have harmony every time you enter.

Bathroom ideas between harmony and design

Bathroom ideas between harmony and design: The bathroom composition must be designed in all its forms and elements in order to be concretized in the most rapid and efficient way by the companies and artisans at our disposal. Think of the colors, spaces and style of the bathroom is the priority, without forgetting that you are choosing something that will become part of a daily everyday life. Why choose suspended furniture? Two key words: functionality and uniqueness. There is no longer any need to move the furniture to clean the floor and the embrace of the legs will no longer be present, as surface cleaning is much simpler and faster being anchored to the wall. To make this furniture even more beautiful are their simple and minimal lines that make the bathroom a real jewel of modern design. This type of bathroom furniture is equipped to dare movement and an environment thanks to their style and the finishing of the materials. If you have a composition of ours, you can see how all the elements relate to each other trying to create a unique harmony and a bathroom gives you calm and tranquility! If you have a small bathroom, the suspended bathroom furniture is for you! Not only can we save space and have a functional advantage but in this case, we select our products also purchased from furniture with top quality materials! Don't save on this environment, the bathroom and its sanitary ware are elements that everyone uses often, we must be sure that we have chosen quality bathroom furniture! Choose the composition that suits you best!

Rustic, Minimal or Modern? You choose your bathroom ideas!

Rustic, Minimal or Modern? You choose your bathroom ideas!
If you are not sure which composition is right for you, check the materials with which the products are integrated, their finishes and colors. In this way you could discover new needs and ways to furnish your bathroom that you didn't know before! The compositions on the site are different from each other starting from the style and materials with which the bathroom furniture is present.
Minimal: The bathroom furniture defined as "minimal" favors furniture with simple and clean lines, almost as neutral to the rest of the environment, this creates a sort of inner calm for many people who love order and cleanliness. The materials of these compositions have different finishes starting from the top for the washbasin that can be of bleached oak veneer or lacquered matched and a beautiful ceramic washbasin and finally the metal washbasin support staff. The colors that select this style that they accept to call "minimal" are both white and black with shades of gray for some accessories, the materials of the bathroom fixtures must be compact and rigid to best reflect this style.
Modern: Modernity is a concept that is reviewed every year for each type of product, however there are certain types of products, still and colors that are timeless! To create your modern bathroom you need color, you can be more colors matched with each other: blue, indigo, white, blue and cyan that recall all the element par excellence of the bathroom: water; or for lovers of warmth, precisely the warm colors: fiery red, orange, yellow and magenta. As for the bathroom furniture you know to decide their position and form a second fashion of the moment, we must be provided to have flexible tastes provided to change together with the fashion itself!
Rustico: To clarify, the rustic style is not what style that loves disorder or a bathroom with backward technologies but far from it. Rustic lovers prefer a bathroom decor that recalls nature, so wood with clearly visible finishes makes your bathroom with this style! Wood is the protagonist in this environment but there are other elements of the bathroom that cannot be made of wood, such as the roll holder or towel holder that guarantees to take in aluminum or transparent plexiglass.
Now you have all the information and advice you need to create your bathroom decor with the style you prefer! Don't waste time and take advantage of the offers!

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