Sofas: Couches and sofas that can satisfy your needs, comfort and beauty. Choosing the right sofa is essential to decorate our living room and make it stylish and unique. Indeed, the sofa is a key element because it plays a major role inside our living room.

Infabbrica offers you comfortable and beautiful sofa for your living area, buying our products you will surely find high quality at the right price. You can choose among many design sofas, which can satisfy every need and decorating style. Sofas represent our taste and personality, that’s why choosing the right one is essential.

Cristal, design sofa, elegant and comfortable, will be able to make your living room unique and fancy. This sofa, upholstered with a beautiful fabric and details on its profiles, is really classy and cosy. Sofas should also be comfortable. Kiff, 3 seats sofa is really comfortable and beautiful. With just few simple moves you can turn it into a comfortable bed. You can accommodate your relatives and friends on your comfortable sofa bed. Another comfortable sofa bed is Marley; simple and elegant; available in many colours, it is both good looking and functional. With Sandy, nice and functional sofa bed, you can decorate your home with style, upholstery in different colours. Infabbrica offers you a wide range of possibilities among which you can choose, pick the one that best suits your home!

Corner sofa: style and design for your home!

A corner sofa is an essential piece of furniture for your living room. The right corner sofa can make the difference when it comes to decorating your spaces; these sofas, besides its beauty and design are also comfortable.

Cupcake is a unique and beautiful corner sofa. Sitting on it will be extremely relaxing, maybe watching a film, chatting with your friends, or making a nap. With this sofa we can make our home modern and elegant. We could invite our relatives and friends, who will surely appreciate the “sweet” comfort of the Cupcake sofa! Sandy is an extremely comfortable and elegant corner sofa. This corner sofa, available in different colours, can make your home cosier and more elegant. These good quality products can really help when it comes to decorate your home. In addition, the sofa Kiff is available in the corner sofa version. Corner sofa are extremely comfortable and lively, thanks to the space they offer, in which one can and lie down in total relax, reading, watching the television, drink some tea or chatting with friends. Choose the ideal corner sofa! This corner sofa can enrich with style and elegance your inner environment furnishing. Hosting friends and relatives, making parties around your beautiful sofa will be a pleasure. Pick the colour that fits the best in your home and “live” your corner sofa with style and comfort.

Leather sofa: elegance and style for a dream living room

Leader sofas have a romantic aspect and a classic style, characteristics that other materials cannot evoke. Even in this case Infabbrica offers you quality and high-value products, not only on the design side, but also on the processing one, accurate and careful. Chester is a leather sofa, which has a classic line and a unique capitonné design. The details of the armrests are really interesting and original. With Chester, your home will be elegant and modish. You can even choose a faux leather upholstery… Gorgeous and ecological! As always, we offer many colours among which you can choose. Pick the colour you want and decorate your living area with style! This beautiful leather sofa exist also in the version “dormouse”. This sofa is a product that testifies our artisans’ artisanship, the quality of their handwork and the passion for beauty and well-refined products.

Many quality sofas, beautiful, cosy and comfortable! Visit our e-store and pick the one you like the most!

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