TV stands

TV Stands: The television has now a central role in our homes and changed consistently our lives. TV occupies the central position inside the most important space of our homes, that is to say the living room. Our living room will have a very different aspect if we buy the right TV stand. TV stands are as important as the role the television has acquired during these years. The choice of the right TV stand is important, and for this reason you should rely on capable hands, because this piece of furniture will become a focal point inside our home, and it is necessary it reflects the personality of the owners. With Infabbrica you can be sure to buy the right TV stand: high quality for competitive prices. Moreover, we are experts on this field and we can suggest you the perfect television stand to buy. An attentive service, innovation and quality are our strengths. Our firm offers many solutions, that can really meet everyone’s need. Modern or classic TV stands to satisfy your requests.

Functional and beautiful TV Stands

Functional and beautiful TV Stands: If we own a house which is characterized by a classic or country style, then the TV stand Shizuka will be perfect, made of painted red hardwood, this piece of furniture reminds the style of the Oriental furniture, which makes us able to travel with our fantasy. Thanks to its modern but classic design, this TV stand can adapt to each environment and with its colour it is able to convey joy and energy. Tango, made of curved glass, is a TV stand, ideal for modern environments which will give your living room that touch of class and elegance you desire, as glass is always a masterpiece. For those who are looking for a functional TV stand, capable of adapting to each need, Movie, TV stand, is the right solution. Thanks to its wheeled structure, in can be moved where we desire, when we desire, to watch our television where we want. With the TV stand Kira, painted in white with oak hardwood table legs. With its functional but beautiful structure at the same time, Kira will enrich our environment with class and style.

TV stands: practicality and glamour all reunited in one Fashion piece of furniture.

TV stands: practicality and glamour all reunited in one Fashion piece of furniture: Artù made of resin and with a glass top, is the latest trend of TV stands thanks to its catchy design, almost futuristic. With its round and curved line this TV stand inspires a great sense of harmony and peace, while giving to your living room a glamorous touch. It will surely be noticed for its uniqueness and unmistakability. Turn is a turning TV stand characterized by a unique design, made of glass and aluminium. With its three shelves and the system that allows us to hide wires, this TV stand will transform your spaces and make them more elegant and complete. A good and gorgeous TV stand is what you need to complete your furnishing, something that can’t be left to chance.

When it comes to choose our TV stand, we will be guided by its functionality, its design, its beauty. We should not forget that a good TV stand have to hide the various wires, which when seen, can let us believe our environment is messy and sloppy. That is why Infabbrica offers you many models which are the best solution for those who are looking for functionality, order and beauty. Please visit the TV stand section on our website and choose the right product for your needs and your decorating style.

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