Coat racks

Coat racks: Are you tired of seeing clothes and coats around the house? Infabbrica has the right solution for you! Creating space where there is not is not simple, just as it is not easy to embellish an environment with a functional and fashionable complement. Each house has various different environments, but the style must be unique without too many contrasting colors but with details that create harmony and give an extra touch to your home. One of these details is precisely the clothes hanger. How many times do you wonder where to place or hang your clothes? How often do you use the chair to stack layers and layers of clothes? Put an end to this mess and buy a coat hanger that matches the style of your environment, whether it's the living room, bathroom or bedroom in our site you can find different types of these accessories that will not only be useful to your daily routine but also they will embellish your environment with their fashionable design and style! Don't worry if you have a small house or small spaces there are wall hangers or coat hangers that take up very little space to maximize functionality and have an extra detail that perfects your ideal home!

Coat racks, the types we offer

Coat racks, the types we offer
Wall hanger: This category includes smaller clothes hangers compared to the shape and size, this does not mean that they do not do their job well! They are perfectly able to withstand the weight of your clothes and coats without running the risk of ruining or giving them, obviously they can be used as you prefer and hang the objects of your home you want, such as envelopes or other items. Imagine your home as a puzzle with larger and other smaller pieces, certainly a coat hanger is not as important as a table or oven, but it is also part of the puzzle and will make an essential contribution to your daily life! Starting from the entrance of your home, every room should have a way to avoid clutter and the accumulation of clothes. A coat hanger should not be used every time you enter the house, when they remain "empty", ie without hanging clothes, they must still do their part in the design of the house! This is why we have different types of wall hangers, so as to satisfy every type of environment and style, from the simplest to the most complex. Don't think that for smaller objects the material is poor, quite the contrary, every product is anyway made in Italy with resistant and quality materials and obviously with the Italian design that is famous all over the world!

Floor coat racks

Floor coat racks: A good coat rack or dress stand is an element that immediately catches the eye as you enter the house, so a guest already knows where to put his coat or suit and feels more comfortable. In addition to having a good impact with the surrounding environment, a coat stand must be in line with the other elements of the house in order to create balance and harmony throughout the area! It is an element that enriches your environment and is very useful for keeping your coats when there is no space in your closet or when you know you have to go out several times in a day, it simplifies your movements and makes you avoid clutter.

What better way to keep your clothes always at hand?
Our site presents you the best solution without leaving design and style aside, once you get home, it will only take you a few minutes to mount the hanger you have chosen! But be careful to choose the right place for your home, a wall hanger that is too visible, close to shelves or paintings could ruin the style and lines of your furniture, choose a point where it is not hindered and easily accessible. As for the coat hanger, you can place it near the entrance and leave your clothes or coats as soon as you enter, but it also looks like a corner of the living room or bedroom! You choose the point that you think is suitable for your home, but if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us for advice!

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