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Outdoor life

Furnish your terrace

As flowers start to bloom your need to spend some time outside increases.
Many of us own a house with a private terrace, a patio or a little garden: benefit from this and enjoy some quality time with your relatives and friends.
INFABBRICA has a section on outdoor furniture with a wide range of outdoor tables and seats, which can be matched according to your tastes. They are all pragmatic and durable products: they can resist both high and low temperatures and atmospheric agents, because they are designed with care and manufactured with the greatest and state-of-art materials: sunbeds, outdoor tables and seats.

Furnish your garden

If you have an outdoor space, you should organize it in the best way.
Our website offers different solutions in terms of lighting, such as hanging lamps or wall lamps with different styles – classic, traditional, modern, country, useful, elegant – and all of them made of materials appropriate for the outdoor life.
Further artistic pieces of furniture are outdoor umbrellas and outdoor pots.
Terracotta pots are made by the best Italian artisans and they can be used as plant holders or to define the margins of a path or a swimming pool.
The techniques used to produce them have ancient roots and are passed down from generation to generation. Each Terracotta pot is a unique handcrafted item, carrying valuable traditions.

Enjoy warmer weather: the blooming season with its scents as well as summer evenings breeze.