Mattresses: First of all, we should understand the importance of a good mattress, since the quality of our sleep depends mostly on our mattress. Getting a good night’s sleep has a fundamental impact on our body: it’s when we are sleeping that we recover our energy, we store up what we learn during the day and we elaborate the stimuli we get. Those who don’t get enough sleep could feature many long-term health problems that have a serious impact on the everyday life: not getting enough sleep does not only affect negatively our mood and concentration, but it also can make us feel down, stressed out, tired and exhausted. If the problem persists, it may cause depression and increase the risk of developing health disorders.
Sleeping on a good mattress is as important as being aware of your own health. Latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, mattresses with springs, to satisfy all your dreams.                          

The right mattress: memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, mattresses with springs

The right mattress… memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, mattresses with springs: our sleep position has a great influence on the choice of the ideal mattress for each of us. As we said, latex mattresses guarantee a greater freedom of movement because it doesn’t adapt to our body shape, but it keeps its original form. For this reason, the latex mattress is the ideal solution for those who turn during their sleep and often change their position. Mattresses in latex are the most suitable solution if you’re looking for a comfy mattress, based on… the way you live the night. On the contrary, for those who sleep keeping the same position most of the time, we recommend a Memory Foam mattress because it can adapt perfectly to your body shape, creating a comfortable lying surface, based on your sleep position.

It is commonly believed that mattresses in Memory Foam are shaped by our body weight, but actually it is the warmth we spread to determine its shape; that’s why these mattresses are made of breathable fabrics.

Mattresses in Memory Foam guarantee a considerable adaptation to the body weight and a suitable support of the spinal column, which is ideal not to suffer from back pain or to alleviate them, in case you already have. Looking for a good mattress in Memory Foam available online? Morfeo. Hypoallergenic and completely removable lining, it is handmade in Italy. That means you have the possibility to customize the sizes. Morfeo is ergonomic and thermosensitive, a really comfortable memory foam mattress; able to absorb body temperature and to shape to your body and your sleep position. Moreover, it has a slow memory, because it is able to slowly get back to its original form.  

The mattress with springs is the most common type of mattress in our homes. As its name suggests, this kind of mattresses are composed of springs, thickly placed one next to each other, in order to sustain our body in an ergonomic way while we’re asleep. Spring mattresses offer an excellent support even to rugged build people and allow a good aeration. The Sogno Mattress is particularly interesting: it is handmade in Italy and it combines the traditional spring structure and a new technology, the Bonnel system with biconical springs.

Pocket spring -or individual spring- mattresses

Pocket spring -or individual spring- mattresses are also available. The difference with traditional spring mattresses is that the springs are individually wrapped in their own pockets, so they are able to guarantee a differentiated and anatomic adaptation to the sleeper’s body.        

An excellent pocket mattress, available online, is Relax: handmade in Italy with Silver Care fabric, which contains a pure silver core, a pure noble metal with therapeutic properties. Riposo combines the ergonomics of the individual springs and the great ability of adaptation to the body shape of the memory: the mattress Riposo is composed of an elevated number of individual springs, which guarantee a balanced support, and it is equipped with a carrier foam sheet and a memory ve sheet. Single bed, double bed or queen-size bed mattresses, to satisfy all your needs. Choose the most suitable mattress for you and let yourself get carried away by the fabulous… world of dreams!  

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