Industrial Lamps

Industrial Lamps: the lighting, which characterizes modern environments, has gradually abandoned that classic style, to embrace different styles in particular the industrial one.

There is always a research of Vanguard objects, which however manages to create a union between quality design and simplicity of industrial lines.
This is how the lamps we offer are born, which personalize the atmosphere of the rooms in which they are placed.

Industrial lamps classified as wall lamps, ceiling lamps, lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, are made for an authentic and aesthetic public, which is inspired by the industrial scenarios of the beginning of the century.

The materials that compose them, mainly metal and steel, recall the reflections and the light beams of the old industrial machines and their essential and robust structure.

This type of lamp is perfect for furnishing houses, offices, lofts, penthouses, attics and public spaces of various styles, such as bars and restaurants.

Hanging Industrial Lamps

Hanging Industrial Lamps: For example, the hanging lamps are ideal to be placed above the bar counter or over the tables, in wine shops, or in pubs, to establish a soft, vintage and elegant atmosphere.

However, at the same time, ideal for entrances of hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms of homes 
that have personality and that want to make comfortable, relaxing and welcoming the atmosphere. 

Industrial Table Lamps:

Industrial table lamps: Table lamps, in their own way are perfect for areas of study.        

Industrial Sconces Lamps  Wall Sconces lamps, instead are functional for bedrooms and suites of hotel, and places of minimal style. 

All these lamps reflect the latest trends. If you need assistance while ordering you lamps, please phone us at 0721/580999 or mail us at info@infabbrica.comChoose Infabbrica, choose a design illumination!

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