Fireplaces: Furnish your home with a warm and beautiful fireplace! In the last generation fireplaces, technology joins itself with style, in this way it becomes possible warming the room with decorative fireplaces, giving your furniture a fashion touch.

There is not a better way to give prominence to the style of your home than with a useful and beautiful piece of furniture as a furnishing fireplace. Imagine sitting on your sofa in front of a fireplace, reading a book or watching television cuddled by the warmth of the flames.. It seems a paradise, doesn’t it?

Infabbrica offers you a wide range of decorative and functional fireplaces, with which warming your home in autumn and winter, supporting the traditional and more expensive heating. You just have to choose the most suitable fireplace to your furniture!

Modern fireplaces for a contemporary style

Modern fireplaces for a contemporary style: On the catalogue of Infabbrica there are also modern fireplaces, for people wanting a contemporary furniture for their houses, which stands out. The modern fireplaces are available in many different design versions: from metal fireplaces, white, black and brown lacquered, to fireplaces in tempered glass or ceramic. 

When we think about a fireplace, we tend to imagine the traditional wall fireplace, which we can find in mountain or country houses: but who says that a fireplace is not suitable for townhouses?
Considering bioethanol fireplaces, at the same time they have a modern design and are functional and easy to transport from room to room: these items warm the room without the emission of toxic waste. Healthy air, an enjoyable warmth and an innovative design: what could we more desire from a modern fireplace?

Classic fireplaces: elegance and refinement at home

Classic fireplaces: elegance and refinement at home: On our catalogue, you can find also classic fireplaces, for people who love traditional style and antique flavour. The classic fireplaces are suitable to an elegant and refinement furniture style, giving the room a refined touch. 

Having a classic fireplace at home means knowing the fantastic feeling of coming back at home in the evening, tired for the long workday, and then warming by the fireplace: Feeling mentally and physically relaxed.

Moreover, a fireplace is incredibly romantic, isn’t it? Above all if the design is antique! Imagine sitting in front of your classic fireplace with your beloved.. Chatting on the sofa, looking your boyfriend or girlfriend in the eyes..

Fireplaces and warming: how much are they useful to warm a room?

Anyone who thinks that fireplaces are just decorative piece of furniture has a wrong conception of reality: fireplaces are perfect to warm your house. Obviously, they cannot replace the traditional heating but they can support it during the mid-seasons, when it is too early or too late to turn on the heaters. Many fireplaces can be transported from room to room and they can be used wherever it is needed, both in the living room and in the bedroom of kids, for example.

Living room is usually the traditional place where fireplaces can be installed, but these items are useful also in the bedroom, which can be warmed before falling asleep. Especially bioethanol fireplaces are ideal in the bedroom, because they use bioethanol, a 100% natural fuel, which does not produces toxic smokes for the human health.

Fireplaces are perfect also in the kitchen!

Why not install a fireplace in the kitchen? Many women spend in the kitchen the most of their time, above all if housewives. Think about the pleasant warmth of a fireplace, which reach you while you are cooking, ironing, watching television or eating.

In any room you place it, a fireplace at home is a wonder, particularly when outside it is very cold. Imagine the warmth, which welcomes you just beyond the house door and the pleasure of rubbing your cold hands by the flames!

Get advice to Infabbrica to choose the most suitable fireplace to your needs!

A fireplace is a piece of furniture, which gives the room a romantic atmosphere. If we refer to classic fireplace, a touch of elegance and refinement, instead modern fireplaces convey an innovative style to the house.

Infabbrica offers new generation fireplaces, especially focusing on bioethanol fireplaces. This kind of fireplaces is functional to warm the room, using a natural and eco-friendly fuel, but always with a fashion and studied design.

The fireplaces of Infabbrica are synonymous of quality, functionality, eco-friendliness and design. Our experts have carefully selected them, in a way you can choose among high quality items, which are at the same time practical for everyday needs and beautiful, because a beautiful room makes us feel good at home.

To further information call us at +39 0721 580999 or write to, our experts will advise and help you completing the online purchase. Infabbrica is always available to help you. A satisfied customer is a great reward for us!

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