Shelves: practical pieces of furniture of great visual impact, will tell about you and your passions. Shelves are extremely useful to display different types of objects: books, ornaments and many more. Shelves are becoming more and more important since modern houses are usually tiny and don’t have much space; therefore, it is essential to make the most of it and to have enough room for everything you need. Modern, lovely and practical shelves represent a great compromise. You can save floor space and… put everything you need on our shelves!         

Books, souvenirs, vases, photo books and many more! Design shelves are perfect to decorate your home and add a personal and stylish touch; Infabbrica offers a wide range of shelves, trendy as well practical pieces of furniture, made of different materials and shapes, in order to satisfy your personal taste and match your home design furniture!

Glass shelves: pure and transparent class!

Glass shelves: pure and transparent class!: The right glass shelf will give your living room all the class and elegance it needs. Original and chic design shelves to decorate your home. Handle is a classical glass shelf. A superb, practical and particular glass shelf that will add value to your home with simplicity.

Wave is the perfect choice for those who love curved glass and prefer a more linear and classic design. This curved glass shelf is extremely gorgeous and unique; you can display everything you love and decorate your home with style as well. The two different levels that characterize this design shelf make it particularly beautiful. The curved shape makes it chic and exceptional. Flexi is another stylish and original wall shelf. This glass shelf guarantees stability and beauty. Choose the best glass shelf for you! Glass shelves for every interior design style and taste.   

Design shelves: style and colour to be trendy:

Design shelves: style and colour to be trendy: Practical and stylish furniture elements, shelves will decorate your home and will display the objects of your life. Ala is an original and charming design shelf, made of steel, available in different colours and sizes. With it you can give a colourful and stylish touch to your office or living room. Another particular wall shelf is Flap, available in many colours. With this design shelf, you have the possibility to decorate your home. This practical and trendy steel shelf will give some colour and liveliness to your wall. You can even pull more Flap shelves of different colours together, in order to make your interior design style extraordinary.      

Bright shelves: brighten up your objects!

Bright shelves will light up everything you decide to put on them. Bright shelves are the best solution to decorate your home and give it a trendy and original touch. Your guests will love your bright shelf and will envy the way you chose to… light up your personality! Hornet, a fashionable and bright wall shelf, will give your home an outstanding look. A modern shelf, characterized by a sophisticated and refined style, Hornet will make a difference. Another tasteful and elegant bright shelf is Brandt. This design shelf, provided with LED light bulb, is extremely original and will give your living room a classy and refined look.     

Are you ready to pick the best shelf for you? They are all colourful, bright and stylish! Check out the “shelves section” in our website and get inspired by our offer! 

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