Wrought iron beds

Wrought iron beds: Our handmade wrought iron beds are real masterpieces of the Made in Italy design. The processing of the wrought iron creates beautiful line effects on the head of these beautiful beds. 

For a refined and elegant bedroom in classic style, wrought iron beds can give a retro imprint to your furniture. Infabbrica chooses for you only high quality materials: the bed is one of the most intimate furniture, it has to be chosen carefully, paying attention to every single detail, because each detail will help you sleep better. Today Wrought iron beds can still be as fashionable as they were in the past, thanks to their design and their refined shape. Discover our offers!

Wrought iron beds: character and refinement

Wrought iron beds: character and refinement: Wrought iron beds are undoubtedly evergreen. Even though the history of this bed tends to associate it with a more classic and traditional furniture, master craftsmen propose this bed as the central item of a modern bedroom, giving to the room a touch of timeless romanticism.

In its original version, according to the ancient techniques handed down by the artisans, headboards and footboards are distinguished by the characteristic black color of the natural iron. This case is certainly more suitable for  retro-styled bedrooms - rustic or even vintage - giving them a fairytale atmosphere, particularly in the canopy version. Thanks to the versatility of the iron processing, wrought iron beds are today romantic items with sweetly woven motifs, painted or treated with a gold or silver leaf, so that they become suitable also for more modern or minimal environments, giving them character and personality, sometimes accompanied by furnishing items with the same design, lines and shade.  

How can you know if a wrought iron bed is artisanal or industrial?

How can you know if a wrought iron bed is artisanal or industrial? As a result of technological evolution, iron processing technique has evolved, and artisanal processing has been replaced by the industrial one. Surely, handicraft items like our wrought iron beds are unique products with a higher intrinsic value rather than industrial items made in series. How can an inexperienced consumer recognize an handicraft bed from an industrial one? Pay attention to the details: first of all, check if the used iron is full and solid: some industrial process can not shape solid iron and makes products with hollow tubulars, which will be lighter than the items realized with solid iron. Moreover, the repeating patterns made by the hands of an artisan won't be exactly the same when looking closely. These are the little details that allow us to tell handicraft beds from industrial ones. Once confirmed that is an artisanal bed, the less imperfections are perceptible - however imperfections will be present - the more value will have the bed. It's the attention to the details that makes the quality of the bed. 

Infabbrica: sizes and prices of a wrought iron bed: Wrought iron beds - like all the other beds - are available on the market in three sizes: single, double size or 120cm. Customized sizes are possible for special needs. Available both with or without footboard, and in addition, equipped with a container for those in need of more space to store clothes.

How much does a wrought iron bed cost? Prices vary widely accordingly to the model and the quality of the processing, if the bed is painted or not, if it's handmade or made by an industrial processing. On our on-line shop you can find wrought iron beds at the best price on the market. The advantage of purchasing on line is that, buying from your home you can still have the same safety payment guarantee and a one year guarantee on the products, in case of lack of comformity.

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