LED Wall Lamps

Choosing a LED wall lamp means to count on a design lamp, a lighting of higher quality and longer life than traditional bulbs. Moreover, LED lamps, compared to standard bulbs, are characterised by a noteworthy energy saving that allows them to last much longer.
Choose your LED wall lamp in the catalogue of Infabbrica, where you can find many design options to light up your house: lamps, bulbs and applique.

The advantages of LED wall lamps

The advantages of LED wall lamps were invented quite recently, and they are becoming increasingly widespread, thanks to their numerous innovations. 

Nevertheless, LED lamps initially had a defect that displeased the first consumers: the light emitted, produced by particular diodes called Light Emitting Diode, in the first bulbs was bluish, and did not affect positively the perception of the surroundings. Nowadays, instead, LED wall lamps diffuse a pleasant white light, that enlighten especially work areas, like the kitchen.
LED wall lamps, as mentioned above, have several advantages in comparison to the other traditional light sources: a white light, a longer life, energy and economic saving. Now, let’s take a close look at them:

  • Lighting up your house with LED wall lamps is something special up your sleeve to spend less on bills. LED technology energy saving is noteworthy: it may be up to 80%.
  • The reduced consumption of LED bulbs is not only synonymous with energy saving, but also with longer life: in comparison to standard bulbs, they last much longer, between 50 and 100 thousand hours of usage (that correspond with 11 years).
  • It is important to consider, especially if you care about the environment, that energy saving also helps to consume fewer natural resources. Moreover, LED wall lamps do not emit toxic substances or gases harmful to human health and the environment. LED diodes need no mercury to run; in fact, their CO2 emissions are 6 fold lower than other wall lamp.

White light LED wall lamps

White light LED wall lamps: The right lighting in a house is a fundamental element to live comfortably and to carry out better all the activities: a proper lighting is useful to cook, to read, to work, to put on make-up. In Infabbrica you can find a wide choice of backlit bathroom mirrors, perfect for shaving or to put on make-up with the best light. 

The aesthetics is important too: a luminous location, at first, looks more spacious, cosier.
Traditional lamps emit a warm, yellowish light, while LED lamps are characterized by a cold light, which initially was bluish but in the recent years has solved this problem effectively. The LED lamps on your walls nowadays illuminate the room with a bright white light.

The light of the LED lamps can be adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity and adapt well to your preferences or to the need of the particular time.

LED technology white light is particularly suitable to read, because it illuminates with a bright light the pages of a book or a magazine, more than any eBook reader does, especially if these are not equipped with backlight. Furthermore, if it’s softened, it can create the same relaxed and informal atmosphere of a warmer light.

Why to choose LED wall lamps

Why too choose a LED lamp instead of a traditional wall lamp? It’s easy to say! LED lamps emit a bright light, perfect to light up your house! In addition to the aesthetics, you have to consider other aspects, such as bulbs life: in fact, it won’t be necessary to change the bulbs in at least 50.000 hours of usage!

Furthermore it’s a technology that protect the environment because it allows to save energy and it doesn’t emit toxic substances such as mercury or CO2.
Then, the real question is: “is there any reason not to choose a LED wall lamp?”  Well, the rhetorical answer is: “no!”

Choose your LED wall lamp with Infabbrica!

In our online catalogue, you have a wide choice of LED wall lamps, so that you can consider not only the undisputed features of their innovation, but also the aesthetics that suits your furniture best. If you need assistance while ordering you lamps, please phone us at 0721/580999 or mail us at info@infabbrica.comChoose Infabbrica, choose a design lighting!

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