Wall lamps

Wall lamps are becoming increasingly essential to decorate a location. There are different models, each of which has different sizes and design. A wall light, thanks to its small size, is suitable for every setting that need to be illuminated without obstructions.

Wall light can give your house a touch of style and personality. Infabbrica selected for you modern and design wall lamps, to furnish your house with creativity and imagination.

The perfect wall lamp for you!

The perfect wall lamp for you: In the catalogue of Infabbrica, you can find several wall lamps characterised by different shapes, models, colours, size and design: with a modern design, or with a classic and ancient style, they will give character to your spaces. Wall applique can catch the eye of your guests and your friends while entering the room!

While choosing wall lamps, you have to take into account where to place them and the style of the surroundings. Each location needs the proper wall lamp, for example in a living room led lamps are to be preferred because they can light up the whole room. On the contrary, in a bedroom wall lamps are perfect to create a serene and romantic atmosphere.
Some examples of wall lamps that can decorate and create unique locations for your house are listed below:

  • Metal wall lamps: available in both the shiny and the satiny version. Among the various shapes you’ll find the perfect ones to light up paintings and mirrors, or the articulated ones to be placed on the desk;
  • Fabric wall lamp: fabric lampshades, perfect to create a classy and chic location. A house in the mountains or near the sea will take advantage of the genuine and classic beauty of wall lamps with fabric details;
  • Glass wall lamps: glass, with its transparency, gives the surroundings grace and elegance, so this kind of lamps are ideal for both classic and modern houses.

Design wall lamp, when shape is everything

Design wall lamp, when shape is everything: While choosing the wall lamps to light up your house, the aesthetic aspect is a very important element to be taken into account.

Infabbrica offers a wide range of design wall lamps that will surely meet your needs: you can choose among design, modern or classic lamps.
Classic appliques are usually made of glass, while the design ones are in metal. Moreover, their peculiar and full of details shape make these lamps unique and indispensable.

Modern wall lamps, the current models

In small houses and apartments, wall lamps are always a valiant choice, in fact modern wall lamps have always a minimal design and they can enlighten taking up less space.
For every location, the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom, Infabbrica has the perfect modern wall lamps for you!
But modern wall lamps are not only for the smaller location, but also for the bigger ones, thanks to their shapes and their style that give them uniqueness. Moreover, some models have different point of light that make them increase their range of illumination.

Classic wall lamp, the beauty of the past

If you prefer a classic location, with ancient wood furnishing, you cannot miss classic wall lamps that can make more of the furniture and that help to create a special atmosphere.
Classic wall lamp are usually made of glass or they come with a fabric lampshade that make them elegant and classy. This kind of lamps need special care: it’s very important to keep the glass or the fabric clean in order to get always a clear and warm light.

If you need assistance while ordering you lamps, please phone us at 0721/580999 or mail us at info@infabbrica.com. Choose Infabbrica, choose a design lighting!

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