Bedroom Sets

Bedroom sets: How far is a balanced rest important? Night is that period of the day during which we can restore ourselves and to do it in a proper way we surely need the perfect bed, cradling us through our sleeping time. Therefore, we provide – among many -  double beds and mattresses made by the greatest artisans, from fixed beds to upholstered beds, useful to spare some space and contain cushions and blankets.

Bedroom furniture for your needs

Bedroom furniture for your needs: Bedroom furniture must take into consideration also smaller rooms; for this reason, we are able to realize customized beds and mattresses.

Unique beds right for your style

Beds for every style: For the ones with a more elegant and classic style: wrought iron beds are just right for you! Each of them is a unique handcrafted piece.

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LEDDY 5 Led lamp for furniture  5 LED system with structure in thermoplastic material.Lighting through sensor of motion and crepuscolar. Leds guarantee a duration of more than 50.000 hours. Battery powered: 4 alkaline (provided) or 4 rechargeable. Size: L 25 W 4,4 cm See other details below...

19,00 €

Boomerang L-shaped shelf   Varnished metal modern shelf, functional and original, with a unique and minimal design, available in different colors.  Ideal to place your items and books; perfect for your living room and your bedroom.You can choose between the left-hand fixing and right-hand...

39,00 € 46,99 €
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Geometric U-shaped shelf  Shelf available in different colors and 3 dimensions. Ideal for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, to place your personal items, books and photos. Dimensioni:Geometric One  L 30 cm  P 21 cm  H 30 cmGeometric Two L 45 cm  P 21 cm H 30 cmGeometric Three L 67.5 cm  P 21...

39,00 € 45,88 €
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Kubi design shelf Wall shelf made of acrylic crystal (Plexiglas), ideal to be used as wall unit for bathrooms, living rooms, entrances or bedrooms. The transparent structure made of coloured Plexiglas, available in 3 dimensions and different colours, makes this product suitable to every kind of...

45,00 € 60,00 €
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Supercone wall design coatrack Aluminium coatrack cone-shaped, with a minimal design style. Available plated or satin.The item has an universal retainer system (suitable for any support), easy to apply, solid and without visible pins or hinges.  Dimensions: cm 6 x 6 x 10 p. - Kg 0,5 Materials:...

59,00 €

LED lamp coated in rubber  Lamp with bodylight in metl and a flexible arm, steerable and coated in rubber.Light source LED in warm light, 30'000 h of duration.Bulb included. Beautiful and pratical, ideal in every environment, can be used both as a wall lamp and as a ceiling lamp Available...

61,00 €

Ciok e Biciok design shelves Shelves container made of varnished metal, with a minimal and unique design. . Ideal to furnish your kitchen, your bedroom, living room and entrance; perfect to hold and range all your items, books and photos. You can create different and unique combinations with the...

69,00 € 93,24 €
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SUITE 4016 hinged wall lamp  Suite, hinged polished chrome or brass wall lamp, with pvc shade.Modern style lamp, perfect for hotels, restaurant, bars or livingrooms, bedrooms. SIZE:L.33 X H.25 CM1XE14 MAX 40W

69,00 € 83,00 €
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Graffetta Metal Coat Rack  Colored metal coat rack, plate thickness 1,20 mm. Available in all colors (opaque colors). Size: 20x7x4 cm Made in Italy.

79,00 € 99,00 €
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Toledo shelf with lamp  Painted natural wood shelf. White acid-etched blown glass diffuser.The lamp creates an elegant atmosphere, proper for furnishing both the day and the night zone. SIZE:L 37 x H 14,5 x P 14,5 cmmax 1 x 60W E27Bulb not included IP20 

86,00 €

Holiday wall lamp  Metal frame with matt varnish base and chrome structure. PVC foil lampshade coated with fabric. One single switch to control both of the lighting sources. Ideal beside the bedside table as reading lamp. Size: L180 H400 P210 mm  Lampshade L180 x H180 x P135 - Base Ø 100 max 1 x...

92,00 €

Leather luggage clothes rack Luggage rack in natural or walnut beechwood with shelf in leather, folding structure.Suitable for luggage, clothes or for sitting (as stool).  Size: L 50  W 49  H 54 cm- kg 5,8 Colors: Natural beechwood, Walnut Particularly suitable and recommended for contract...

99,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 168 items