Glass dining table

Glass dining tables: the right choice for a refined and comfortable environment. Choose the ideal solution for your home, among our models you can find shapes designed and made according to the current fashion.

Elegance that never goes out of style. Your dining room will be a comfortable and refined place with a glass console table. Find all the models that our team choose in order to add style to your home. 

Extendable glass dining table

Extendable glass dining table: Precisely for highlight the concept of dining tables, comfortable item of the environment, a glass console table is the ideal solution. Console tables take place in an essential way in the environment. A glass dining table can also be an item that gives light to the environment, the right solution, suitable for every place in the house.

Furthermore, additional arrangements won't be necessary. The table is suitable for every kind of environment you can find in the different house places. Once placed, the glass dining table will make the environment comfortable and homely, suitable to be used for every kind of situation. Thanks to the glass; an high quality element which gives elegance to the environment, making it ideal for all situations that may arise. Glass is also able - as is well known, if we let it get to us - to ensure our psychological wellbeing.

Concreteness and fantasy, the basis of the glass dining table 

Concreteness and fantasy, the basis of the glass dining table : We could choose among many inspirations, according to the perceptive emotion that we are searching  for our house. Is expressed , above all essentiality, with a glass table protagonist of the dining room. Following characteristics are lightness, importance and centrality.

It's hard to resist to the light reflections and at the appeal of the glass dining table itself. As mentioned, the glass dining table fits easily in the environment, in a soft way but without losing its strenght, being able to enhance the environment.

Among our dining collections we could not do without those made of glass

An overview of variants, all characterised by elegance and praticality, enclosed inside a precious and refined item. A great experience below the glass sign. 

As always our brand proposals are all inspired and based both on the classic and more traditional style and also following the innovative and modern one, in order to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Glass dining tables, indeed, sare authentic desired object, fascination which appeals for years, thanks to its main feature of being a classic, young and accessible item at the same time. The appeal of the glass, together with its authenticity has conquered everyone. 

Infabbrica develops its activity trying to innovate itself not only regarding techinques and capabilities but also renewing the culture of doing and especially the culture of living. Innovative techniques and processes, item always qualified and a design experience dealt with the craftsman and his own laboratory experience. In this way affording all the opportunities and constraints that the glass offers is possible.  

The infinite poetry of matter. The glass table horizon - we always have to remember - keeps a deep relationship with the nature, a great intensity experience. Therefore, we want to test emotinal game of lights, which produce feeling of weightlessness and colors. We want to create a unique environment for a dining space capable of being one of the most beautiful place in the house.

Then, among the wide range of dining tables we suggest you, the suitable choise for those who are searching this, certainly is a glass table. 

Infabbrica does the best for you 

We are at your disposal at any time. Our expert operators are available for any request, helping you along the choice of the right glass console table and to explain you the features of the item and the purchase arrangements.  

You could find out our terms of sale on the dedicated pages, on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us calling our phone numbers or writing at our e-mail address: Tel. +39 0721 58.09.99 - fast and accurate answers in order to solve all your doubts.

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