Outdoor Seats

Outdoor Seats: Garden chairs are a must for every outdoor area. In fact, beautiful and resistant outdoor chair turn an outdoor space into a more liveable and pleasant place! There are different models of practical outdoor seats; coloured chairs, polypropylene chairs, polycarbonate chairs, transparent coloured chairs and so much more!

Infabbrica offers a wide range of choices for this important item. So many chances to find the perfect chair for your garden! Got an outside area you would like to turn into a totally liveable place? Outdoor chairs can be easily positioned and can adapt harmoniously and naturally to the surroundings! Choose the perfect chair for you!

Design outdoor seats

Outdoor Seats: resistance and beauty! Gio is a plastic polypropylene beautiful and comfortable chair. It comes in many different colours, that’s why it can be positioned everywhere! Its structure is made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre. Injection moulded with air moulding technique. They are comfortable, stackable, and particularly suitable for the outdoor.

Isy is another comfortable and resistant plastic chair, with a structure made of shiny techno polymer.  Available colours: white-linen, dove grey, yellow, light blue, charcoal grey. You can also choose different colours to create the combination you prefer!

Nassau is a propylene built-in garden chair, injection moulded with air moulding technique. Adaptable for both an indoor and an outdoor use. Resistant to saltiness, chlorine and thermal waters. This elegant plastic chair comes in different colours and it will give grit and personality to your outdoor space.

Colette is a functional and comfortable outdoor armchair! You don’t have to renounce to the comfort of your house spending some time outside in your garden. This chair will really make the difference!

The linear structure of Ginevra makes it suitable to every location, thanks also to the wide range of available colours! Choose the colour you prefer and position your outdoor chair in your beautiful garden!

Bon Bon is a beautiful and resistant outdoor armchair. Its linear, but elegant structure, gives your outdoor space a touch of style!

Titì is an outdoor chair with a structure made of transparent or transparent coloured polycarbonate. It’s characterized by a Neoliberty back seat, consisting of two parabolas that overlap with naturalness. Its lightness and brightness make it adaptable to every indoor or outdoor location, even to the smaller ones.

Barbarella has a polycarbonate structure. It comes in white, transparent and smoked transparent.

The unique texture of the porthole on the backseat creates special tactile and chromatic effects. A singular comfort and style in a comfortable and beautiful polypropylene outdoor chair.

Super Jenny is a fantastic polypropylene chair! The large structure that characterizes it makes it comfortable and practical! It has polypropylene seat and backseat, and ø mm 25 anodized aluminium legs. It comes in different colours and it’s stackable. It is adaptable for both an indoor and an outdoor use.

Outdoor Seats: resistance and beauty!

Outdoor Seats: resistance and beauty! Uni 550 is an outdoor chair that will really make the difference! Four legs glazed steel structure. Polypropylene body available in 10 colours. It’s characterised by a cushioning effect texture, with a glossy finish on the back. It’s ideal for a both indoor and outdoor use. It’s particularly suited for the outdoor because of its resistance to the elements. Your garden will be simply extraordinary with an outdoor chair like Uni 500!

Bikini is a stylish and design outdoor chair, really elegant and original; it has a polypropylene body that comes in 6 colours. Four legs chromed, glazed o painted in black or white structure. The chromed or glazed version is suitable for the indoor, while the painted one can be placed in your outdoor area. Create a dynamic and classy atmosphere juxtaposing your beautiful garden chairs, designing a world in black and white.

Lulu is another garden chair with a ø mm 25 aluminium structure polyester painted. It comes in charcoal grey and it’s stackable and perfect for a both indoor and outdoor use. Deck your garden with this very elegant garden chair!

Transparent coloured garden chair contribute to create a lively and dynamic location.

Glenda is a very beautiful and comfortable transparent coloured chair! It has a polycarbonate structure and it comes in black, white, transparent, smoked transparent or bottle green. Classic in design, modern in the material.

Let yourself be conquered by so many different proposals and enter the wonderful world of Infabbrica and its numerous outdoor chairs!

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