Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture: where the artistic language meets the artisan wisdom, the lively artistic handicraft develops: Creative and practical decor objects and everyday things, which can give value to every room of your house.

Artistic handicraft can give you emotions you can touch, admire and use in your everyday life. Every product conveys a story about past techniques handed down from tradition, where love for high quality materials and passion for beautiful things combine with each other.

The visual impact is unique. The excellence of hand manufacturing is immediately perceived and inspires your mind to discover the bonds between tradition and the most innovative solutions of modern design.

In the eternal union between shapes’ harmony and functionality, each product becomes a look at historical and artistic heritage, to be discovered and shared with people you love most.

Handmade furniture, the excellence directly to you

Handmade furniture, the excellence directly to you: In this category you can find entirely handcrafted products, which perfectly convey the ability of the artisan masters to create unique objects, especially made for you.

We offer a wide range of potteries for several usages, from sets of dishes in varnished colours, perfect for every convivial moment, to irresistible products to give value to the tea ritual, such as teapots, cups and saucers. Objects created to give a touch of refined design to your home, such as pots, artistic dishes, fruit bowls and decorative objects which will seduce you. 

If you are looking for handcrafted lamps which respond to your creativity, you will find a wide range of shapes, materials and tricks of the light. Starting from the metal manufacturing of Renaissance star lamps, to the wood manufacturing of lamps produced using wood sheets and natural materials, the quality of our lighting design products is guaranteed.

Moreover, among our products we also offer a range of items to ”clothe” your kitchen with creativity, such as tablecloths, towels, bottle holders, pot holders, bread boxes, aprons and much more, all decorated by hand.

Finely finished, hand sewed leather bags, which can go along with you everywhere, offering you the comfort and the self-confidence you need. Some accessories are fundamental, starting from the cross body bags, to the belts, to the spacious backpacks, in order to always have everything with you.

If you are looking for an original present for a special person, surrender yourself to the explosion of emotions and mystery which can only be given by handcrafted jewellery. The attention to details, the handcrafted manufacturing and the careful selection of materials reveal the secrets of gold manufacturing. Fascinating evergreen jewellery, which can highlight the personality of the person wearing it. From pendants to perfect rings, from earrings with delicate highlights to matched necklaces and bracelets. The golden rule is not to go unnoticed.

If it is true that every single product’s design derives from continuous research for shapes and colours, the appeal of the experimentation in the field of glass manufacturing will be even more evident. Endless combinations of chromatic effects for wonderful artistic glass windows or for elegant glass bottles, like a strongly creative language renewing your rooms. We want your unforgettable life moments to be impeccable, offering you little glass artworks to show, such as party favours, both for baptisms, holy communions and degree’s gifts.

Your best life moments’ memory is the most important thing: Therefore, we should give them value with our photo albums and handcrafted books, which are wisely bound according to the ancient bookbinding art. Handcrafted bookbinding has strong relationships with ancient techniques and today it can create products on a perfect balance between tradition and design.

The best handmade furniture: Artisan masters of Made in Italy products

The best handmade furniture: Artisan masters of Made in Italy products: We believe in the high value of quality and, in order to offer it to you in the best way, we carefully select our artisan masters, who instil in every product their passion and their ability, using the time they need to work well. Shaping an object starting from raw materials is a creative activity, which can lose all its appeal if not told to anyone. We are here to tell you a story, which was born from an esthetical idea developing in the artisans’ mind and, through their capable actions, it is transformed into a product that is a symbol of an artistic journey through our traditions. Always looking at respect of the territory, production sustainability and ecology.

Directly from the artisans’ hands, all the best of Made in Italy handicraft and uniqueness.

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