Floor lamps

Floor lamps are able to provide you light where you need most, near an armchair for example, to read while relaxing, or in a bedroom where them create a romantic atmosphere.
Floor lamps are the right solution for each kind of environment, from bigger ones to smaller.
Infabbrica proposes different types of floor lamps, from classic models, to more modern ones.

Floor lamps, ideal for every environment

Floor lamps, ideal for every environment: When the night is coming and the light starts decreasing slowly, the right solution is to use a floor lamp, they can be placed in the less brighter point of the house, in addition, many models are equipped with a trimmer, which allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.

When choosing a floor lamp, the role that it will have has to be clear, in fact, if the floor lamp has to illumine a reading place or in the living room the ideal choice is an adjustable floor lamp which project the beam of light where you need more,  while for a bedroom, suitable are lamps equipped with a trimmer, in order to cretae a soft light.

Floor lamps are suitable for integrate your lighting type, in fact, led to the model, they are able to create a beam of light, which projected from above create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, in more spacious houses, floor lamps provide light also to the darker corner of the house.
Floor lamps are suitable also for small flats, modern lamps by the refined and thin profile provide a correct lighting and, if equipped with led bulbs, are able to make you save money on bills.

Then, while purchasing a floor lamp, as well as its beauty and design, to consider are also the furniture of the environment in which it will be placed and the needs of the house, like the intensity of light requested.

Design floor lamps, able to satisfy your needs

Design floor lamps, able to satisfy your needs: In addition to the functional aspect, while purchasing floor lamps to illumine the house, it is important to consider also the aesthetical and design aspects, in order to combine the style of the lamps with the whole style of the environment.

Infabbrica proposes you a wide selection of design floor lamps where you can surely find the one which better suits your own needs, among classic floor lamps to more modern ones and from the more refined and important design.

The more common material for floor lamps is the metal, these lamps can be made of many materials, beginning from the structure by the innovative design, continuing with these made of wood and closing with the colored lampshades. Particular are the lamps with many points of light which allow you to better illumine your room. 

Modern floor lamps, furniture innovation

Floor lamps have evolved a lot during the years, changing both the materials with which they are made and their shape, being now made with light materials which make these items  practical and unbreakable, available in every shape, dimension and color. 

In addition to the design, one of the main points of strenght of a modern floor lamp is its functionality: in fact, these new lamps are adjustable, in order to rich the needed height and to provide light where you need more.

Classic floor lamps, the traditional style

Among Infabbrica floor lamps you can also find lamps from the classic style, suitable for your retro style bedroom.
Having a floor lamp in the bedrrom signifies creating a romantic atmosphere in order to spend some relaxin and comfortable moment.
Floor lamps for beedrooms, furthermore, are practical and functional, the most evolved equipped with a luminous intensity regulation system, able to provide a more soft or clear light according to your needs, for example, for read a book or watch television.

How to choose a floor lamp? Infabbrica is here to help you!

Infabbrica has chosen for you a wide range of floor lamps able to satisfy all your tastes and needs. You just need to choose among the one which better suits you needs and which beeter combine with the rest of the furniture!

If you need help on the purchase, contact us at 0721580999 or write us at info@infabbrica.com. Choose Infabbrica, choose a design lighting!

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