Bedside tables and drawers

Bedside tables and drawers: Bedside tables are essential elements in any bedroom; it is impossible to think about a bed… without its bedside table. Everyone loves to relax lying down in bed… Reading a book, for example, is one of the most common pastimes while relaxing in bed; bedside cabinets are indispensable because they allow you to store everything you need next to you. Eyeglasses, books, magazines, stereos… all objects that can be stored on a bedside table! Being such an important item, the bedside table must be selected with care and attention… the choice of the nightstand should be made taking into consideration the bedroom furniture design in order to match it with style! Functional, comfortable and beautiful… Pick with care your design bedside table!

Drawers are the “best friends” of tidiness; for this reason, in order to keep your room neat, you can decide to arrange a practical and functional dresser… the perfect thing to keep your room ordered and tidy! Not only are drawers perfect to store clothes and other objects, they can be used as shelves where you can display all the things you need… and that often don’t have an exact collocation inside the house and create clutter and disharmony; for instance, you can display your perfume, your jewellery, and many more! Tough your clothes can be easily put in their practical and functional drawers!               

Glass bedside tables, wrought iron bedside tables

Glass bedside tables, wrought iron bedside tables: 

Servetto is simply wonderful! This glass nightstand will make your bedroom super elegant and sophisticated! The curved glass makes this bedside table really refined; arrange this bedside table of glass next to your bed and leave your favourite novel on it…  

Glass bedside tables are not only undeniable refined, but they can also give your room great brightness! Nightstands of glass for all tastes and needs… Comodo Piano is an extremely functional and fine glass bedside table; bridge-shaped small table of crystal… it will make your home design even more outstanding! Design bedside tables for every need that will make your home inimitable! Another beautiful as well as functional modern nightstand is Comodo Cassetto; it is just like Comodo Piano design bedside table, but with the addition of a very handy drawer! Put in it all those things that otherwise would make your room messy!   

Design bedside tables will give your home the right décor style… essential and significant details in order to make your bedroom charming and well furnished! Adele is a nightstand made of wrought iron and characterized by a sophisticated design and a unique style! This wrought iron bedside table is not just characterized by a sophisticated design, but also extremely functional; said nightstand’s details are really beautiful and refined! Stendhal is a wrought iron bedside table that has a simple and fine charm! This nightstand of wrought iron has a wood top; an amazing contrast that has a strong effect! Gallé is a lovely and exceptional nightstand of wrought iron; this modern, fascinating and functional bedside table… will actually make a difference! Another extraordinary design nightstand is Zaide! Solid iron structure, hand-forged and cut with laser, round top in satin finish crystal. Modern bedside tables for every style need! Gallé 2 is an original design nightstand! This wrought iron bedside table has a sophisticated design and a unique style! Design bedside tables for an ever lovely and tidy home.                          

Bedroom drawers

Bedroom drawers: are essential elements in every bedroom! Lovely and functional modern dressers will help you keep your room neat and clean! Design dressers for an ever clean and tidy bedroom! Tratto is a functional and original design dresser; this modern chest of drawers is suspended! What a charm, what a style! Three spacious and practical drawers to store your things and to allow you to keep effortless neatness! Tratto is also available in a non-suspended version; elegant, functional and classy, this modern chest of drawers has a simple but extremely fine design that will make your bedroom special.

Spazio is a lovely and handy wooden dresser! Four spacious and comfortable drawers to keep your room tidy and create a lovable and charming ambience! Practical, gorgeous and functional bedside tables and drawers. Choose the most suitable bedside tables for you among our offer and our design dressers!  

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