Glass console

Glass console: is a pratical and refined furniture at the same time, for those who has the need to preserve his own spaces but do not want to lose the comfort of a solid and nice surface. Glass is a material which will not get you tired of it, furnishes delicately, keeps the armony of the whole area around and satisfyes the need of who lives every single space of one's home.

Chose between our proposals, you can find the perfect glass console for your home only by Infabbrica. We have chosen for you the most beautiful and the most new models. You can chose between linear glass and curved glass without deprive yourselves of the classy design.

Curved glass console

Curved glass console: If what you are searching for is a gentlemanly and refined furnish, capable of give to the environment a chic touch, a glass console is what you really need. The console is born for beig utilised in diffeent ways and for different reasons, suitable in quite every place, in the living room like a little writing desk or in the entrance to lean on usefullness of various kinds.

There are also kind of consoles which thanks to refined mechanisms become in a few seconds suitable dining tables.
If you want to find a multifaceted and ductile furnish in order to utilise it for different reasons, you will find particularly interestingglass consoles. Glass consoles, properly for its characteristics, such as the trasparency and discretion of the crystal are suitable to be placed in whatever environment of your home.
Good and capable of furnish with simplicity, our glass consoles have been chosen to suggest you the best between furnish items you can find on the market.

Do not overlook the space available during the right choice of the glass console, measure the square footage of your interiors and chose the perfect console in order to satisfy your needs. Fixed or extensible, we have for you a wide range of glass products in high quality. 

Handcrafted wisdom in the glass consoles manufacturing

Handcrafted wisdom in the glass consoles manufacturing: The italian province is full of small companies and handcrafted labortories that every day create little masterpiece of furniture. The goal of Infabbrica is to make you meet those masters, suggesting you unique pieces and of rare beauty. Glass consoles you can find on our website are all high very quality products, curved by the expert hands of glass masters.

We are proud to present you this collection of glass consoles in curved and non-curved glass, that will be able to give to your entrance a new appearance or more simply to bring light to your living. Among the different merit of the crystal certainly stands out its capacity of spread and return light, whether it is natural or artificial. Glass consoles therefore represent an optimal solution also for who has a dark house and with few point of light. Do no hesitate and hurry up and find our glass consoles!

In every dwelling, whether is there a classic style in order to satisfy the needs of the whole family or is an home with a more refined style, contemporary with design details, a glass furnish item will give a sophisticated tuch. Suitable for every home space. On our on line catalogue you can findlinear glass consoles, ideal for lean on the wall side and able to give the right light to the environment, not leaving out the importance of the robusticity. A refined furnish item, because the glass itself gives to the environment the right design. 
Why not combine the elegance of a curved glass console with the harmony of a refined furnish. Suitable to place on an entrance, on a living room, on an house corner dedicated to the telephone and, why not, perfect to keep the magazines. Our consoles are durable, robust and resistant, suitable for beig used as a glove box, phone holster, flower pots or desks. 

We are at your disposal with suggestion and our long-term experience. Call us (0721580999) or write us at together we will find the suitable solution for your house. Our expert operators are at your disposal, we will help you guiding to choice of the right product  and in case of difficulties with the purchases.
Read our pages in order to know the guarantee regarding the products, the possibility of a give back without additional costs and the right of withdrawal. A satisfied customer is a success reason for us.

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