Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors Mirrors are essential furniture elements for every house. Design wall mirrors are able to decorate your home with style and elegance. You can decide to place your decorative wall mirrors where you would like to add a touch of style and character, where you would like to make your home furniture even more brilliant and particular.

Entrance mirrors are like a “business card”, because they give an initial idea about the general furniture of your home. Elegant and gorgeous modern mirrors for entrance with Infabbrica, capable of offering fascinating solutions for an essential furniture element, like the mirror.
Audrey is a modern mirror for wall, really wonderful and rich in details. This square mirror, with crushed glass grit frame, will be a perfect entrance mirror for your home; wall mirrors are also ideal if you need to freshen up before leaving and facing the challenges that life holds for you.
Make your home unique with Maleficent, oval wall mirror, with crushed glass grit frame. This oval mirror for wall, thanks to its fine and elegant details, will make your home décor more special and enviable than ever, and will give it that desired touch of style and personality.
Another mirror with frame is Segno, really original and characterised by a unique style; its frame in fused glass, with raised details, shows an outstanding and solid character.
Choose the most suitable wall mirror for your home and make your home décor unique with style and personality!

Bathroom mirrors: beautiful and functional

Bathroom mirrors: beautiful and functional Bathroom furniture is as important as any other room furniture in your home. Bathroom mirrors play an important role in this room, which should not be neglected, just like any other. Indeed, mirrors for bathroom are essential elements to make your bathroom more beautiful and particular.

Sole is a refined and stylish LED bathroom mirror. This round mirror of elegant style will make your bathroom unique! Elsa is a rectangular LED bathroom mirror with magnifying mirror, which is both functional and captivating. Your bathroom décor will stand out if you choose this mirror LED to light up your furniture and make the ambience more fascinating.
Backstage is a rectangular LED mirror for bathroom of a strong effect, with lighting in the upper and lower part of the frame. Aiko, LED mirror with lighting on both sides of the frame, reminds the mirrors of theatre dressing rooms. LED mirrors for bathroom are also equipped with anti-splash glass, extremely useful to keep the glass always neat and transparent.

Decorative wall mirrors

Decorative wall mirrors: Mirrors are extremely important elements to give your bedroom, your living room or any other room, a touch of class and design.

Saturno is a mirror in curbed transparent glass, able to decorate your home with style and class.
Atom is a really original and fashionable mirror. This wall mirror’s style, unique and inimitable, will give your home design a touch of elegance and class.
Modern mirrors for entrance, such as: Esagono, this design wall mirror, with its refined frame, will give your home decoration that glamorous and stylish touch you’ve been looking for; frame in crushed glass grit for a wonderful, fashionable and trendy entrance mirror.
Atina is a bathroom box mirror: both functional and beautiful, this box mirror for bathroom is perfect if you are searching for a furniture element that is able to satisfy different needs in the same time.
Visit our website at the mirror section and choose the most suitable one for you!

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