Pillows: are extremely important to guarantee an appropriate support of your head while you’re asleep; just like the mattress and the bedstead, pillows are essential in order to have a good night sleep. Different types of pillows, for different ways of resting… and ways of sleeping! Not only do pillows support the most important part of your body, but also they are indispensable to guarantee the right posture of your neck; a good pillow will better your life quality, allowing you to face every challenge with more determination. Pillows will have to satisfy any kind of exigency, they’ve got a great importance and need to be chosen carefully, since they are as important as the mattress and the bedstead; pillows that will make you… dream!     

Ergonomic pillows: “health and wellness never sleep”

Ergonomic pillows: “health and wellness never sleep”: ergonomic pillows have the characteristic of being better than feather pillows. Innovative pillows able to adapt to your head and to bring benefits to your general wellness! Ergonomic pillows can be made of Memory Foam; it is a viscoelastic and malleable material, able to keep its position after use. Memory Foam pillows for a full refreshing relaxation. You can ensure your health simply by choosing a super comfortable pillow in memory foam, friend of health and real relax; Basic ergonomic pillow is a dreamlike memory foam pillow! Extra comfortable, this pillow is coated with non-removable cover in Aloe vera. Use your ergonomic pillow and get a better sleep quality! Ergo is a wonderful ergonomic pillow!

Made of memory foam, this ergonomic pillow is the optimal solution; the special double wave structure of this pillow guarantees a correct and efficient support and it is able to prevent and alleviate the most common neck pain. Classic is an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam. The puncture of this ergonomic pillow allows a correct and regular aeration, which removes excess heat and humidity. Another special pillow, in particular for the material of which is made of, is Classic Y; this ergonomic pillow, equipped with Ylang Ylang, which derives from a plant with relaxing, aphrodisiac and hypotensive properties, will really make the difference!
Pillows for all needs, that will accompany your nights in a natural and… super comfortable way! Choose the most suitable ergonomic pillow for your exigencies and transform your rest into a real special one… that will start from the right pillow!    

Ergo is a truly wonderful ergonomic pillow!

Ergo is a truly wonderful ergonomic pillow: made of Memory foam, ergonomic pillow will be a truly optimal solution; the special structure of this pillow, double wave, guarantees a correct and effective support capable of preventing and mitigating the most common pains of the cervicale.

Classic, is an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam. The perforation of this ergonomic pillow, allows a regular and correct ventilation of the pillow, which eliminates excess heat and humidity. Another very special pillow, also for the particular material of which it is enriched, is:

Classic Y; this ergonomic pillow with Ylang Ylang, deriving from a plant with calming, aphrodisiac and hypotensive properties, it will really make the difference! Pillows for all needs, which will accompany your nights in a natural and comfortable way! Choose the ergonomic pillow that best suits your needs!

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