Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90
  • Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90 in Coffee tables
  • Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90 in Living room
  • Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90 in Living room
  • Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90 in Living room
  • Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90 in Living room

Gallery 90: glass coffee table living room

Glass coffee table living room, design coffee table, coffee table in curved glass, tavolino quadrato, coffee table 90x90 cm.
Coffee Table in curved crystal transparent at bridge at square base.

Dimensions: L 90 P 90 H 38 thickness 10 mm
Classic clear glass

The product is shipped on pallets and insured.

Product made in Italy

This product is made with the utmost attention to detail, the strength of the materials and the quality of the finishes.
The works are made by expert artisans, who through their professionalism, are the basis of quality products of made in Italy

Curved glass: Production techniques

To bend the glass it is necessary to start a thermal process in which the material is heated up to the softening temperature.
The furnaces must reach a temperature of about 700° so that the glass, by means of gradual heating, reaches a plastic consistency.
The softened plate, thanks to the natural force of gravity, adheres to a mould previously worked assuming its shape: in this instant the true curvature of the glass is born.

Fundamental is the next phase of cooling or withholding, which allows the creation of a safe and resistant glass.
The glass in the bending phase accumulates tensions due to bending, to eliminate them it is necessary to subject the model to a long cooling phase.

It is essential to ensure that this happens in the longest possible time, so as to avoid the risk of giving further tension to the glass. This very important processing phase makes curved glass furniture extremely solid and resistant.
Slow cooling ensures an excellent level of safety of the curved glass. Some models undergo an “annealing” process to further guarantee the quality of the glass.

Bending in the oven and detensioning twice, ensures a tensions-free, safe and extremely resistant model.

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Glass coffee table living room Gallery 90

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