Curved crystall small table Dharma
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Coffee tables
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Living room
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Living room
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Living room
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Living room
  • Curved crystall small table Dharma in Living room

Dharma: curved crystall small table

Glass table, glass coffee table, crystal living room table, perfect as glass small table for the living room or design glass coffee table.  
Curved crystal living room table with rectangular top. 
It is equipped with a useful magazine rack, which gives uniqueness and style to this elegant coffee table.  

Dimension: cm 110 x 60 H 36 thick 10 mm
Weight 33 Kg

The product is shipped on a wooden pallet and insured. 

Made in Italy  

This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance of materials and quality of finishes. The manifacture is realised by expert artisans who, thanks to their proficiency and experience, are the base of high-quality products, made in Italy.

Curved Glass: Techniques of production

Techniques for the production of curved glass: In order to reflect glass, it is necessary to start a thermal process where the material is going to be warmed until reaching the right temperature of softening. Ovens should reach the temperature of 700°, so as glass reachs gradually a plastic consistency. The softened plate, thank to the natural force of gravity, sticks to a plate and then takes its form: in this moment was born the real curving of glass.

Fundamental is the next phase of temperature reduction and diffusion of the tension which permits the creation of a safe and resistant glass. 
Glass during the phase of curving, collect tensions derived from bending and in order to remove them, it is necessary to put the model through a phase of temperature reduction.

It is important that the process takes all necessary time, so glass won't risk to have more tensions. This is the most important moment of the production because it makes glass curved furniture extremely strong and resistant.
A slow temperature reduction promises the best level of security of curved glass. Many models are subjected to a second "cooking" to guarantee a better quality of glass.
The double cooking and the difusion of tension secure a model without tensions, safe and resistant.

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Curved crystall small table Dharma

Model: 1528-A8098C
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