Wall fireplaces

Wall fireplaces

The wall fireplaces are just a part of the fireplaces offered from Infabbrica: the table fireplaces have smaller dimensions, so that they can be comfortably placed on a shelf and transported from room to room; differently the floor fireplaces have bigger dimensions and their impact on the furniture is greater.

Among the various fireplaces models, the wall fireplaces stand out giving your home a touch of style, filling a central position in the disposition of your home’s furniture. We cannot exclude that their charm is linked to the similarity with traditional fireplaces, which we found in our grandparents’ home. These items, which remind us of lovely and cuddled memories.

Flicking through the online catalogue of Infabbrica, you can find interesting models of wall fireplaces that range over different styles: elegant fireplaces with simple lines or smaller ones suitable to tiny spaces, as the children bedroom, till fireplaces with innovative design.

Our team will help you find the best wall fireplace to fit perfectly you and your furniture!

The wall fireplaces: a style that warms

Where do we find a modern and trendy wall fireplace? On Infabbrica catalogue, certainly! Leaving banal and conventional brick fireplaces, we approach to an innovative alternative, which differs from traditional fireplaces without losing its refinement.

The new generation wall fireplaces are technologically and aesthetically innovative. Metal is the most required material: sometimes just the basis is in metal, whereas the superior part is in tempered glass; differently, chromed steel and white varnished metal are the most in vogue components, because they are passe-partout, which are coordinated with each style and furniture’s colour – even soft colours. Black, modern and minimal wall fireplaces are ideal also matched with vibrant coloured walls. Seeing is believing!

The wall fireplaces find their natural collocation in the living area, especially in the living room in front of the sofa. If we can advise you, don’t overlook the idea having a fireplace in your bedroom or in that of kids. In these cases, a small-size wall fireplace is enough to warm the bedroom before falling asleep or while reading a book under the blankets. It is one of the most enjoyable things in the world, isn’t it? Having a fireplace in the bedroom will allow you to enjoy a fantastic breakfast nearby the warmth of the fires... a dream breakfast!

Bioethanol wall fireplaces: a respectful warming of the environment

Bioethanol wall fireplaces: a respectful warming of the environment: Infabbrica pays particularattention to bioethanol wall fireplaces, which use an eco-friendly and renewable fuel. Bioethanol is obtained from the fermentation of biomass with high sugary level, as corn, barley and sugar beets, or waste biomass of food and agriculture industry.

Bioethanol is a liquid fuel, which is introduced in the fireplace’s tank; after which it should be inflamed with a match or a long lighter. Inside the tank, there is a porous stone, which absorbs the bioethanol and then emits it in the form of steam. A litre of bioethanol burns till 3 hours, so that the warming of a small-medium size room is fast and uniform. Through this process, it does not occur the dispersion of black fumes in the air as it happens in traditional fireplaces equipped with flue.

Among wall fireplaces, those powered by bioethanol present many advantages:

  • They don’t need a flue, therefore they can be installed everywhere without difficulties. Moreover, they don’t emit black fumes into the room, keeping the air healthful. Bioethanol doesn’t produce toxic fumes, like carbon monoxide, without polluting the air and the environment.

  • They are easy to install. As already said, these fireplaces don’t need a flue, therefore great changes at the home’s structure, connection to the electricity network or to the gas system are not required. They can be easily installed anywhere in the house.

  • They don’t dirty the room. They don’t produce neither ashes nor fine dust and the fuel doesn’t clutter, differently from the wood.

  • An innovative and trendy design. These fireplaces are in the latest fashion: they have a modern and high-class design and the wide range of items offers the ideal and suitable wall fireplace to customers taste and furniture.

  • They are cheap.We offer bioethanol fireplaces coming in every price range, from a hundred euro to rise. In this way, everyone can find the most suitable fireplace to its financial resources. Moreover, don’t overlook the fact that these fireplaces don’t need neither maintenance costs nor expensive installations.

Bioethanol wall fireplaces are products, which present many different advantages. The principle and most appreciated characteristics are the following: they warm efficiently the room up and are high-class pieces of furniture.

How install a wall fireplace?

The installation of a bioethanol wall fireplace is not difficult. Above all differently from traditional fireplaces, demanding changes and masonry works are not necessary. In fact, the presence of a flue is not required. A bioethanol wall fireplace gives you the chance to have a fireplace without too much effort, especially if you do not own a home and you are renting.

The fireplace has to be fixed on a strong and fireproof wall. The bar should be installed at the wall with the provided screws and plugs, using a screwdriver. After setting the biofireplace at the bar, the burner has to be put into the appropriate space.

To put into operation a bioethanol wall fireplace, the bioethanol has to be inserted into the burner, paying particular attention not to reach the maximum level, which is highlighted by the “max” writing. Using a match or a long lighter to light the fireplace. At first bioethanol burns with a low flame, after about ten minutes the flame will reach the optimal height. To adjust the flame use the provided ring.

Choose your wall fireplace with Infabbrica!

The experts of Infabbrica offer you quality products, which can improve your daily life at home, but this is just the beginning of our mission. Our team is at your disposal to support you during the choice of the wall fireplace, answer your questions, resolve your doubts and help you during the purchase phase.

Your positive feedbacks are for us source of happiness and pride, a confirmation that the attention we give our customers goes beyond the mere sale of quality items, which remains anyway our first goal.

Feel free to express your opinions through feedbacks, whether they are positive or negative. We recognize negative assessments like costruens, or rather features of our work that can be improved.
Contact us anytime to solve your doubts and receive assistance from our team (write us to or call us to +39 0721 580999).

Find with Infabbrica the perfect wall fireplace for your home decor!

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Joshua: wall bioethanol fireplace Wall bioethanol fireplace in black varnished metal and satinized steel.Burner of 1,5 liters and flame-control tool (it lasts about 12 hours). SIZE:L.90 W.22 H.60 cm Made abroad by an Italian company. 

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