Table fireplaces

Table fireplaces

Table fireplaces are the most versatile between the ones from Infabbrica. It’s always easy to move them from a place to another accordingly to the needs, since they don’t need any installation but can easily be placed upon a table or any other flat surface.

Table fireplaces are also among the cheapest, mostly because of their smaller size. This does not mean that they are less functional or that design is not cured; on the contrary some of the most beautiful fireplaces that you can find in the online catalog of Infabbrica are table fireplaces.

Having a table fireplace in your home means being able to easily create an intimate and romantic atmosphere which helps you to relax body and mind, thanks to the pleasant heat from the fire. Moreover, the table fireplaces proposed by Infabbrica are proper interior decorations that add a touch of style to the furniture and the home décor of your house: they will immediately make your home more warm and welcoming.

Table fireplaces: the pleasure of being warm wherever you are

Table fireplaces: the pleasure of being warm wherever you are: Among fireplaces, the table ones are lighter and have a smaller size. They also do not need to be connected to electricity or gas, because they are fed with an ecological and renewable fuel, bioethanol, which is poured directly into the tank. That’s why moving them around is very simple: you can place them wherever you want depending on the area of the house that you need to warm up.

The size of the burner allows an autonomy of the fireplace of about five hours. Obviously table  fireplaces cannot heat efficiently very large rooms, but they can increase the temperature of a small or medium room of a few degrees in no time.

Maybe you still haven’t completely understood every benefit of having a table fireplace in your house…let us explain it better! A fireplace can be a substitute in cooler days of Spring and Autumn, when it’s too early or too late to turn on the heaters. During winter days it becomes a valuable aid to conventional heating: when it’s really cold outside,warmth is never too much!

A table fireplace not only does not have a fixed positioning – that most of the time is the living room – but it can also be moved at will wherever it’s needed. You need to warm up the kitchen while you’re having breakfast, because you’ve just jumped out of your cozy, warm bed? It’s simple: move it and put it on the kitchen table! You want to warm up your bedroom before you go to sleep? Just let your fireplace on for a couple of hours in the room. You want some relax in a pleasing and cozy atmosphere, while reading a good book? Put your fireplace upon the coffee table in front of your couch!

Do you realize now just how essential can a table fireplace be?

Table fireplace: a cozy and warm atmosphere

Table fireplace: a cozy and warm atmosphere: The table fireplaces that you can find up here, in our catalogue, are all very different from each other: they differ in materials, design and style, to meet everyone’s taste. They have though one important thing in common: a very classy and well-finished design.

Some of them resemble the traditional shape of the original iron braziers. Others have instead a more modern metal frame and are in tempered glass, which makes them suitable for every interior décor. The more singular ones are in white, black, brown or other bright colors lacquered metal and have more particular shapes, but are nonetheless classy and elegant. You can also find fine table fireplaces among the handcrafted fireplaces: they are handmade with a dual cooking. The handcrafted fireplaces are designed and manufactured entirely by the companies themselves, and are thus small art objects.

Having a table fireplace means being able to immediately set up a cozy and warm atmosphere in your house, and therefore feel and live a lot better.

Just figure yourself inviting some guests and being able to delight them with a cozy atmosphere generated by the heat of your table fireplace, which will surely enchant them. Table fireplaces are really romantic: figure yourself drinking a glass of wine with your loved one in front of the fire…don’t you find it perfect?

Bioethanol table fireplaces

Choose among our bioethanol table fireplaces the model you like the most and that suits your home interiors best. Bioethanol fireplaces use a new technology that does not harm neither the air you breath nor the environment. They use in fact an ecological and renewable fuel, bio-ethanol - which is derived from waste biomass (most of all high-sugar foods)- and that does not emit any odor or harmful emissions, except for a negligible amount of carbon dioxide. Bioethanol fireplaces do not need to beconnected to the electricity grid or have a chimney, which is why it was possible to design the table fireplaces, which can be moved easily at will from one room to another.

The operation is very simple: simply pour bioethanol in the tank and start the combustion with a long lighter. This inflamed comes in contact with a porous stone which turns it into water vapor.

This process leaves no trace of odor, harmful substances or dust, leaving the place on which it rests clean.

Infabbrica can help you to choose your table fireplace

Infabbrica is happy to assist you in choosing your fireplace table, answering all your questions and trying to solve your doubts. Write to or call us at 0721580999, our experts will assist you in every phase, from selection to delivery, direct to your door!

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Denali bioethanol table fireplace   Bioethanol table fireplace  in matt black varnished metal and tempered glass.Round burner of 0,4 liters and flame-control tool (it lasts about 4 hours). SIZE:Ø.17 H.27 cm Made abroad by an Italian company. 

69,00 € 115,00 €
Reduced price!

Podium: Fireplace with double burner Fireplace with support with painted black metal base and tempered glass.0,4 l double burner and flame control system. SIZES:L.40 W.20 H.39 cm Product made abroad by an italian company.

139,00 € 231,67 €
Reduced price!
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