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Handcrafted fireplaces remind us of the rustic and traditional country houses, or of the welcoming and cozy grandparents’ houses. A handmade fireplace brings us back to tradition, to what’s known and familiar and makes us feel reassured, calm. In short word, a handmade fireplace makes us feel at home!

Making a handcrafted fireplace is a real art. The craftsmen study every aspect of the fireplace, from functionality to appearance, which is essential: a handmade fireplace is in fact an important piece of furniture, it attracts the attention. That’s why its appearance is important to the harmony of the room.

Imagine coming back home after a long winter day and being finally able to cuddle in front of the warmth of the flames ... you already feel like having a fireplace in your home tonight, right? Find the right one for you among our online catalogue and it can be yours in a few days.

Handmade fireplace, the taste of tradition.

Handcrafted fireplaces have an ancient taste, a taste of tradition. They can bring you back to your grandparents’ country house, where you used to feel safe, loved and a little bit spoiled.

Handcrafted fireplaces will give you home a unique taste of tradition, a familiar style that can make you feel surrounded by warmth and love. Thanks to a handmade fireplace, your house becomes a place where you feel safe and sure, a place where you can pleasantly warm up in front of the flames…a place where you can feel at home!

The aesthetics of the handmade fireplace

The making of handmade fireplaces can be easily described as art: making a fireplace is a delicate business, and it involves a certain taste for design. Handmade fireplaces are furnishing elements of a certain visibility inside the living area, and therefore it contributes significantly to the style of your home’s overall look.

A masonry fireplace is permanent, and it requires careful considerations before building it. A less permanent but still elegant solution could be a handmade floor fireplace. Much more easily installed, and even movable from one room to another, floor or table fireplaces do not lose this taste of tradition while giving your house a refined touch.

Handmade movable fireplaces are perfect for those who don’t have a flue pipe, or for those who have an apartment for rent: that’s because they have all the benefits of the traditional masonry fireplaces without having to change the house permanently.

Handmade bioethanol fireplaces

Infabbrica offers you a rich selection of bioethanol handmade fireplaces, an eco-friendly and sophisticated alternative to the traditional chimney.  Infabbrica has the future of the environment at heart: bioethanol handmade fireplaces use a fuel from a vegetable process, the bioethanol, which is obtained by the fermentation of biomass (industrial  wastes of sugar-rich foods such as cereals, starchy and vinacee). 

During combustion, bioethanol fireplaces do not produce toxic fumes, neither for the environment nor for their own health. They also don’t produce soot or dust, making it simpler to keep the room clean.

Handmade bioethanol fireplaces are made by skilled craftsman of clay processing: by skilled craftsmen of clay processing, which use different techniques depending on the models that you want to produce, by the manual molding, to that in the press or in casting. The creation of the molds is done internally, so the product is unique.

Handmade bioethanol fireplaces are subjected  to two cooking: the first at 1000° C corresponds with the  roasted, the second at 900° C is necessary to vitrify the vanishes.

It would be too long and complex describing the numerous steps of the manufacturing because we’re talking about a long process and entirely handmade looking for a unique and unmistakable style.

All the handmade bioethanol fireplaces harmonize with warmth to the style of your furniture, but at the same time they catch attention thanks to its distinct character. Bioethanol fireplaces of Infabbrica don’t renounce the traditional taste of handmade fireplaces because they are hand crafted with a lot of care and art. They have the advantage to be more versatile and ecological.

Infabbrica offers you different models of handmade bioethanol fireplaces to choose from, according to your taste and your needs so that you can find what you’re looking for.

Let you guide by Infabbrica in the choice of your handmade fireplace

For Infabbrica team having satisfied clients is a great pleasure. For this reason we’re pleased to help our clients step by step and help them in anything they need, from the advice which handmade fireplace choose on the basis of their needs, than we offer you a purchase guide according to the payment method you prefer, to the direct control of the shipping so that the delivering will be made on schedule.

All of that happens later because first of all you have to find the fireplace for you! In our continuing research of handmade products of quality and design we aim to offer you an important selection of handmade fireplaces, designed and made with great cure and meticulousness inside the factory (strictly Italian) that produces them. Not for nothing our name is Infabbrica.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about handmade fireplaces, we’re always happy clarify our client’s doubts! Write us at info@infabbrica.com or call us at 0721/580999

Infabbrica: quality at your place and factory price!