Why choose Infabbrica


The idea, simple and smart

Our country's rich manufacturing and craftmanship heritage, often unknown in foreign countries,
is the reason of the success of italian design.
INFABBRICA rewards ingenuity and hard work, selecting manufactured and high-quality products,
handmade by the best artisans and businesses who work with passion and ability.
INFABBRICA allows you to buy Italian articles at the right price.

Why online

Traditional shopping involves a shop and high management costs (rent, staff, stock, etc.)
that increase the final cost of the product.
The result is that high-quality design is only available to few people.
INFABBRICA allows you to buy directly, without extra costs,
connecting directly manufacturers and customers



Most of our products are made when requested. Each product moves only from manufacturer to customer,
reducing CO2 emissions. Moreover, high-quality products last longer and therefore reduce waste.
Three reasons to choose INFABBRICA and be eco-friendly.

Nothing will limit your choice

It can be a real struggle trying to combine high costs of traditional shopping
with the desire to make available a wide range of products.
Very few articles can be stored and showed to the public because
of the small space available. INFABBRICA doesn't have a store:
this way you can choose what you need simply surfing our website where you'll find every product!


For those who don’t need a brand to define themselves

Marketing has among its purposes the objective to shape a brand identity.
Often in our purchases we are influenced by branding,
associating the quality of a product with its brand.
It doesn’t always coincide with the truth and as skilled consumers
we have realized that the brand isn't always a synonym of guarantee.
INFABBRICA is a business, not a logo, because our interest is to offer
products of quality freed from branding costs and its frills.

Our objective: customer satisfaction

Our goal is to improve daily life with products of intrinsic value
made up of italian talent and work, high-quality materials, proposed at fair prices.
INFABBRICA makes quality accessible to a larger public
and allows more people to surround themselves with beautiful objects.


INFABBRICA, high-quality design at factory price.

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