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Outdoor tables… to live the outdoor life!

Outdoor tables are very useful, especially during the warmer seasons. In fact, as the temperatures rise and the sun illuminates our days, the desire to spend some time comfortably relaxed on our garden chairs, sitting at our garden tables, gets stronger!

It will be really pleasant spending some time outside…study, lunch and live… at your outdoor table!

Infabbrica offers outdoor tables that meet everyone’s needs and tastes. Colour, shape and material are important to choose your perfect garden table! It will be a pleasure to have breakfast outside with your family at Aria, a coloured polypropylene table. Beautiful and useful garden tables will decorate the outside area of your house with style. We have garden plastic tables like, for example Spritz, beautiful, coloured and suitable for every occasion. In fact, this lively outdoor table is composed of three parts, the top, the structure (or leg) and the foot.

You can add or remove the leg as necessary, turning Spritz into Mini Spritz!

Dodo is a garden table with classic lines and a refined design. Simple and functional, this outdoor table will actually make the difference!

For the largest families or for those who like to share their free time with friends and relatives, Olimpo, a rectangular garden table, is the perfect purchase! Refined and available in different colour, it will decorate your garden with style.

Achille, a metal outdoor table, will contribute to the uniqueness of your garden! Elegant and refined, you’ll spend a wonderful time outside with it!

For those who love glass…Metropolis is the solution! It’s a classy outdoor table that will decorate your garden with style. You can have it round or rectangular.

Outdoor tables are, therefore, the smartest solution for those who love to spend their days outside, without having to renounce to the typical comfort of every respectable indoor location!


Folding garden tables: comfort and practicality!

Not everybody have the fortune to have a big garden; in fact, as houses gets smaller, outside areas become smaller too. Don’t panic… a garden table fits also in a small outdoor space! Folding garden tables are a perfect “space-saving” solution. You can decide to open your outdoor table when you need it and…close it effortlessly at any time!

Vieste is a functional and design folding garden table. It comes in three different colours and it will easily meet your requirements. This outdoor table, because of its practicality, is the perfect solution for those who need a folding garden table to be used when necessary.

Another folding garden table is Canasta, a classy and refined metal table. It comes in two different sizes. The time you spend outside will be more joyful and funny with Canasta; it will really make the difference!

If you’re looking for another stylish and design folding garden table, then take a look at Chiaro di Luna. It has a space-saving mechanism that allows it to be bent at 90°. Weather-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Infabbrica offers outdoor tables that meet the needs and the tastes of everyone! Choose your perfect garden table!