Cassetta 009 festooned terracotta pot

Cassetta 009 festooned: terracotta pot 

Terracotta pot, rectangular terracotta pot, big terracotta pot, decorated terracotta pot, perfect as terracotta pot 80 cm or terracotta pot 100 cm.
Rectangular box, outdoor pot, festoon decoration.

L 61 P 30 H 30 Kg. 20
L 71 P 34 H 30 Kg. 25
L 81 P 41 H 35 Kg. 35
L 100 P 46 H 43 Kg. 50

Particularly suitable and recommended for contract furnishing of restaurants, bars, agritourisms, boutiques, offices, accommodation facilities, beach clubs, libraries, museums.

Some tips about the terracotta pots:

Our terracotta pots are made of the precious clay coming from the hills of Siena, Italy. The manufacturing process with its traditional techniques and firing above the 1000°C, gives the product the right resistance to cold temperatures, down to -20° C. In order for the products to last longer and to preserve their resistance, we usually recommend:

- emptying the pots from water during winter times and when temperature goes under  3° C and making sure that the rain does not fill the pots again.

- emptying the pots dishes when the temperature goes under 3° C and not leaving the pot continuously close to the dish full of water but using a spacer to lift it up.

- making sure that the drainage holes are not obstructed by the soil, roots or something else. Foot wedges are suggested in order to let the water run from the drain holes.

- proceeding with caution when moving frozen objects, because the bottom of the pot might be attached to the soil. Do not use hot water on your vases to melt the ice or snow, neither substances such as salt or similar materials.

- making sure that products used as vase holders are not stagnant, if so please empty them.

- using foot wedges in order to lift the pots up and separate them from the soil.

High quality artisan product, made in Italy. (Tuscany)

This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance of materials and quality of finishes. The manifacture is realised by expert artisans who, thanks to their proficiency and experience, are the base of high-quality products, made in Italy.

Cassetta 009 festooned terracotta pot

Set-up Times 20 Days
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Set-up Times 20 Days
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