Style and refinement of vintage woman bicycles

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Bicycles come always more closer to the needs of its users. Most of all regarding woman, vintage woman bicycles guarantee indeed comfort and the lightness that a woman body needs, vintage woman bicycles are not only practical but also, with their unique style, they confer your bicycles class and refinement. These vehicles are complitely ecological, for this reason they are perfect to go out with the family and enjoy time outdoor.

You want go shopping, but you can't find a car park? Let's buy a vintage woman bicycle where it is possible to match baskets or bags, vintage woman bicycles will always be perfect for you own needs. Choose the model that most reflect your style and expectations, you can't do without them anymore.

A vintage bicycle as a friend

The vintage woman bicycle will always make you feel comfortable while riding, our artisans, that care about the realization of vintage bicycles, give a particular attention to the needs of the female body giving so a more ergonomic seat a reduced wheight and a frame that permits an easy use of the bicycle. The quality is the main point of these bicycles, for this reason Infabbrica has selected for you vitage woman bicycles of a unique style!

Both you seldom go biking but also you go everyday, a regular maintanance it is the basis to have an easy, cleaned and regular biking. You will ride faster while having fun. There are three main steps to take care about you vintage woman bicycle, first it is important to clean it with water and liquid soap, then dry it with a rag, the second step consists on the lubrication of the mechanical pieces in order to avoid that bicycle produces unpleasant sounds when biking, last but certainly not least it is essential to substitute those pieces with visible signs of wear. Don't ignore your vintage woman bicycle!