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In our territory cycling is very appreciate, for this reason when we buy a bicycle for man, we also buy memories and feelings linked to this sport. When we buy a classic man bicycle we are looking for a picture or idea that remind us to the sport of cycing. There are many man bicycles, of every model or type: racing bike, mountain bike and citybike.

If you are a nostalgic person with a model of classic man bicycle you will make the right choice, because you buy a real evergreen.
Maybe not evrybody know that Italy is the best country producing bicycles in Europe, artisans and companies with great ability and passion for this sport, produce everyday high quality models, that will stay with you for the rest of your life. For this reason we of Infabbrica select our man bicycles, directly in the province of Pesaro, territory where bicycle is a daily used means of transport.

Many models of man bicycles

In addition to the technical features it is important to choose a beautiful man bicycle, both you choose classic man bicycles but also modern model of futuristic design, in this category you can find a wide assortment. If you haven't a clear idea of what kind of model is right for you, let you inspired by the many modells you will find here.

In recent years man bicycles made steps forward, as they wanted to reduce weight and to increase performance. Classic man bicycles have been revisited too, the material used and seats as well became more ergonomic.
Nowadays, it is not difficult to find the model with the best price-quality ratio, but Infabbrica wants to help you, selecting for you these beautiful models of man bicycles.