Man Bicycles

Man Bicycles: In our land the cycling culture is well rooted, so when you have to buy a men's bike, you also acquire memories and emotions linked to this sport. When we buy a classic men's bicycle we are also looking for an image, an idea linked to this sport. The men's bicycles are varied, of every model and type: racing, mountain bike and city bike.
If you are nostalgic with a classic men's bike model you will be on the safe side, buying a real evergreen.
Perhaps not everyone knows that Italy is the first manufacturer in Europe of bicycles, artisans and companies that, thanks to their great skill and passion for this sport, manufacture high quality models every day, which will accompany you for a whole life. This is why we at Infabbrica select our men's bikes, directly in the province of Pesaro, where the bicycle is experienced as a daily means of transport.

Many models of men's bikes

Many models of men's bikes: In addition to the technical features, it is important to choose a bike for men that can be appreciated also from an aesthetic point of view, whether you prefer classic men's bicycles or modern models with a futuristic design, in this category you will find a wide selection. If you do not have a clear idea of ​​which model is right for you, let yourself be inspired by the various examples you will find.

Classic men's bikes revisited

Classic men's bikes revisited:On a technical level, the men's bicycle industry has made enormous strides forward, driven by the desire to reduce weight and increase performance. Even classic men's bikes have been revisited, the materials used and even the seats have become more ergonomic.
Nowadays, choosing an excellent model with the best quality / price ratio is not difficult, but Infabbrica has decided to help you by selecting for you these beautiful models of men's bicycles.

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Vintage for Man Urban-Bike Bicycle  Vintage for man, perfect for urban travel, falls into the category of City Bike bicycles, spread all over the world for their comfort and lightness.The combination of an attractive design and excellent components make it particularly perfect for an audience...

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Metal Minimal style Man Bike Metal, man city-bike, completaly in aluminium, is a fixedgear bike so is considered a "FIXIE".Its unique style is inspired to the first track bike prototype, some features like the handlerbar highlight this bikes speed predisposition.This model is available in two...

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1946 Vintage bicycle for men Vintage bicycle for men with 8 speed gear. Frame: HI-TEN LUGFork: HI-TEN LUGControl: SUNRACE R8Gear: MICRO SHIFT R8Free wheel: SPROCKET 8 SPEEDSizes: H 53Weight: Kg 13,00  Seat: CONFORTCover: ROAD 700x25CBrakes: CALIPER ROAD ALUCrankset: CITY ALU 44T. DOUBLE...

489,00 €
Showing 25 - 27 of 27 items