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Are you looking for the best dynamic and functional way to go through the city traffic? The city bike is undoubtedly the future of our street mobility, are you ready for the turning point? If you are not yet completely sure, bear in mind that go biking is good for your mind, body and for the environment, it improves the quality of your life. The city bicycles for man and woman are versatile means of transport adapt to your way to work, to enjoy and to live.

City bicycles or city bikes remove from your life traffic and the difficulty to find parking. If you want to discover the pleasure to go biking you should know that city bicycles are not all equal. The working principles are for sure the same, but before to buy one, you should ask yourself for what kind of usage you will buy it.

Rediscover the street with a city bicycle man /woman

Wen we buy a city bicycle we should make a distinction between bikes for men and those for women. Men and women don't bike in the same way so bicycle should respect the body of both. Furthermore there are different models of city bicycles man to choose, vintage models or bicycles of modern design

What kind of bicycle is right for you? Bikes should be like a dress: tailor made for your body. In order to ride with the best comfort it is important to choose the right model for your body. In Infabbrica you can find a lot of city bicycles.  It is impossible not to find the rifht for you!