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In order to revisit the beginning of the bicycle history, we should go back to two centuries ago and start from the first velocipiede. Nowadays there are several models of modern bicycles on the market, racing bikes, city bikes and mountain bike, every kind of need you have, you will find the bicycle right for you. Passion for bikes is going to increase steadly, because people dpn't see them anymore as a dusty relic parked in garage, but as a daily practical means of transport.

After all, once the ice is broken, biking is so healthy that it is impossible not being enthusiastic about it! The mind, body and environment will be grateful for this choice of zero footprint. Don't wait anymore, it has come the time to give a sustainable contribute to our lifes choosing a beautiful bicycle. Get ready to ride!

Bicycles and our region

The seat of Infabbrica is in Pesaro and it is exactly in our province that we identify valuable companies and artisans. In Pesaro there is a strong attitude towards biking, so we have decided to offer you a vast range of models manufactured in our area. High quality bicycles that will go with you in your daily transfers. To carry your children to school, to go to work, or just to go for a bike ride, these bicycle are perfect for every situation.

If you live in cities, bicycle is the perfect means of transport that willl permit you easily to reach different places. Traffic blocks won't be a problem anymore, so as to find parking. At the same time bicycle permits you to enjoy the beautiful sping days, to get fit snd to stay in shape. Discover now our best bicycles!