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There is a moment when the character of the house is born, the entrance: when you place here your objects , your entrance furniture. Little big pleasures as the way to welcome and host people and,if we want to, charming with elegance and gracefulness. We of Infabbrica we're looking for classic and modern entrance furniture which comes directly from the producer in order to guarantee you the best quality linked to a refined design for your home. When you welcome guests at home, appearances count too! For these reasons, paying attention to the design of your entrance furniture becomes essential.

The entrance: an environment which embraces immediately, as soon as you open the door.

Your home,the entrance with its furniture. A good combination are here the Consolles and the Coat hanger. And then, if you want to, Bookshelves, Shelves and for sure a Wall Mirror that spreads out a world...

An entrance with the right and high quality furniture allows you to offer a brilliant welcome and to introduce people to a path rich of style. In fact, entrance opens to a path and a history. Entrance furniture tells a lifestyle, yours.

Our flat, our home: everything shapes here on the life of whom lives in. But, first of all, the entrance should give a comfortable welcome and to do that the furniture must be composed on our emotions. This will be the key to introduce people to a pleasant visit  in our home, in our lives.

Entrance furniture that creates atmosphere

Entrance furniture and objects that decorate our dreams and the dreams of whom enters in our private life in that moment. This is a way to welcome and demonstrate who we are without speaking too much. Not to defend or close ourselves to intrusion but to show our precious world to people who wants to take part at it. We want to greet guests, fascinate them with our cares, our suggestions given by furniture characterised by intense shades that warm up the atmosphere with their forms and presence immediately.

Some abodes are characterised for example by a dark atmosphere such as in winter the sea waves recede uncovering a cold lunar landscape. It looks like shivering. This is the moment when you begin to desire something more. For someone it could be romantic, but that classic entrance furniture with a freezing and stiff geometry sends only to an idea of emptiness.
Sober lifestyle is ok, but this is too much.

An entrance that speaks about us!

This is the part of the house where you have to play with little décor elements. And then we and our company, will help you to value to the best your choice. We guarantee craftsmanship and inspiration, an explosion of creativity, and you contribute with your personal taste, that of your family and your loved ones. We organise together every single thing with great care and then all will be going to take shape.

The materials used for the entrance furniture are those traditional and natural with different tones and contrasts. Funny contrasts with bright glares that could vary from the lighter to a pastel dye. It sounds perfect for whom wants that his own home, modern or classic, welcome people with a soft and gentle mood just from the beginning.

And so you will show, starting from the entrance, that your home will be inviting, cheerful and comfortable.

Choose Infabbrica and you won't regret it

Our company offers a must from those who are thrilled in contemporary design: small or big mirrors that reflect and create reflections as a chant to the light. And everything, beginning from the standard or wall coat hanger, to the consolle, to the lamp, to bookshelves and to the mirror bends a deep warmth to the environment as soon as you go into the house.

Something new, crown jewels of Infabbrica. With the entrance furniture our company distinguish itself for the high quality and the extended offer. We propose also bright shelves, simple or more refined consolles, embellished or more simple coat hanger and so on. All includes advanced technology, attention to detail, research of  wellness and harmony in order to create suggestive environments but also adapted to discretion requests. Environments that are always extremely functional.

It is said, as you know, that the reception philosophy,especially for the entrance, can't be excluded from the taste of life and its pleasures.

This because the entrance, as you know, opens to a unique world, yours. And so, entrance furniture in particular must have character, an imprint, a sense into arrangement. This will be your signature for a graphologist. A business card for a commercial exchange.