Dining tables

Dining table

Dining tables: are the protagonists of our dining rooms; they tell us the use of this fundamental space, always significant for our social life in our home: the central environment for each lifestyle, therefore, it must assure the strong idea, prepared to the last detail, the expressive force of the household atmosphere. 

In the dining room, the furniture and the objects speak for you. Anyways, the dining table remains the symbol of a dwelling, which represents and promotes the pleasures of fellowship. 

Modern Dining table

Modern dining table: Everybody know the dining table, big or small, whatever it is, it will be always the king: the secret is to find the right size, proportions and weight to give harmony at your composition. It does not matter if round, rectangular or square-shaped, decorated or not; it could be discretely simple and essential or extremely imposing to show off.

It must be said, the dining table is an indispensable piece of furniture, but so emotional too. For this reason, it should be in accord with the colours, the shapes, the lights of the living room area around.

Emotional, but certainly not invasive: it is the warm core of your home, encircled by chairs, cupboards, armchairs, sofas, the pavement, the chandelier, also the paintings on the wall… everything underline its beauty and quality. The layouts adapt themselves in several environment, projected, as well as the finishes, according to the demands of the individual customers.

The attention to detail: a dining room in high quality

Characterized always by the handmade attention to the manufacture and to details, which declare and testify the success of our furniture, InFabbrica can combine the artisanal care with the high quality of materials, as well as for dining tables.

Tradition and passion for the research, the innovation and the selection of new materials, our enterprise always launches new products technologically advanced and safe. Our experience is our fortune 360-degree. All our tables are design products, appreciated by those who like the classic flavour and who prefers an ultramodern choice.

Clean profile and at the same time imposing lines in an atmosphere of measured elegance and originality. Refined materials, extreme care for details and great comfort are the essence for a great staying in the living room.

Are you looking for a table in glass or in crystal? In natural wood or lacquered? In steel, aluminium or other materials in melamine?

The project of the table that we will choice together, will take account of the modern technology and the artisanal care, extraordinary treasure of our brand. Rectangular or square-shaped, round, oval, elliptic… extendible or not (did you know that even round tables can be extended?) or in some case folding too. Soft lines or stricter, the dining table will be comfortable and the star of your dining room.

Simplicity, tribute to a certain reductionism, which usually comes from minimalist trends. Sophistication, a more dynamic effect, more elements around, more colours, light and forms. All of this is possible, at the end it will be the one. The dining table will give significance, the right harmony and balance to the environment.

To underline immediately its visibility, the chairs could be essential. Even the lighting plays an important role nearby.

If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, could you imagine the smell of the burning wood in the fireplace mixed to the perfume of freshly cut flowers? Maybe you’d prefer a more intellectual and bare ambiance. Anyways, when you’ll get into the dining room, the table will be seen firstly, as if there weren’t anything else. 

From dream to reality, the idea of conviviality comes true: InFabbrica

From dream to reality, the idea of conviviality comes true: InFabbrica Call us for each require, write your doubts and uncertainties, our best experts will be at your disposal to advice to find out the right choice for your home, your dining room and dining table. Don’t lose your time, choice the high quality and the experience of our professionals.

Your satisfaction represents our victory.

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Liberty: Cast Iron Table Base Cast Iron Table Base, Liberty style base available with 3 or 4 spokes foot, base made of painted cast iron, with base and column decorated, available in two different heights.Particularly suitable for coffee tables, or bistros for bars and clubs. TYPE OF STAND:-A 3...

89,00 € 111,25 €
Reduced price!

Design: Base Bar table Base Bar table , with simple and modern lines with cast iron base and natural wood column.Particularly suitable for making coffee tables, for premises and bars. TYPE OF STAND:Painted cast iron base and wooden colum- Base Ø450 mm / Ø600 mm- Tube height available in two...

159,00 € 198,75 €
Reduced price!

Tripod: Round Table Round table, table with aluminium base available in two different heights, supplied with fixed plastic feet and laminate top in several finishes.Particularly suitable as a coffee table, for rooms with a modern style. DIMENSIONS:- Base Ø700 mm - Tube height available in two...

169,00 € 241,43 €
Reduced price!

Bistrot Round: Cast iron table Cast iron table, cast iron base with column in ornamental style decorated, with 3-spoke base, adjustable feet and cross.Marble-effect porcelain stoneware table available in several finishes.Suitable as coffee table for bistrò or cafès. BASE DIMENSIONS:- Base Ø600...

179,00 € 223,75 €
Reduced price!

Industrial: Round Bar Table Round bar table, table with welded iron base available in two different heights, and laminate top in several finishes, particularly suitable as a design for a table with a decidedly industrial look. DIMENSIONS:- Base Ø450 mm / Ø600 mm- Tube height available in two...

189,00 € 236,25 €
Reduced price!

Bistrot: Cast Iron square table  Cast Iron table, cast iron base with ornamental column, 4-spoke foot, adjustable feet and cross.Table with marble look porcelain stoneware top available in several finishes.Particularly suitable as a coffee table, bistro and premises with a libertarian or...

189,00 € 236,25 €
Reduced price!

Giotto, table stands  Pair of solid beech wood bases, which allow you to create an elegant or fun table. The height of the top is adjustable.The glass top is not supplied. Ideal as a desk in the children's room or in the studio, or as atable in the kitchen or in the living room.  Material: solid...

199,00 € 306,15 €
Reduced price!

Rectangular Tulip: cast iron table Cast iron table, table with cast iron base and iron tube available in different ral finishes, and rectangular laminate top in several finishes. Particularly suitable as a coffee table, for rooms with a modern style. DIMENSIONS OF THE BASE:- Base 600 x 400 mm -...

199,00 € 248,75 €
Reduced price!

Round design: Bar table Bar table, cast iron table with base entirely painted in different RAL finishes available in different sizes, with marble-effect porcelain stoneware top available in several finishes.Particularly suitable as a coffee table, for modern style space. BASE DIMENSIONS:- Base...

199,00 € 248,75 €
Reduced price!

Stelo 42: Aluminium bar table Aluminium bar table, double cone table with base entirely in painted aluminium in different galvanic finishes, with marble-effect porcelain stoneware top available in several finishes.Particularly suitable as a coffee table, for rooms with a modern style. DIMENSIONS...

239,00 € 298,75 €
Reduced price!

Extendible Table with triangle-shaped legs In the extendible rectangular table Delta with a melamine covering, the elegancejoins the functionality and it pleases every need, while decorating with style and refinement. Delta is the right table for people who believe that it is important to please...

349,00 €

Bauhaus Table desk in metal  Glass table with a base in lacquered steel by the unique style and the modern design.  The base of this elegant table is able to satisfy any personal taste with a wide range of colours; so, we can finally choose which kind of shade give to our living room or to our...

439,00 €
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