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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables: In our living room, the small table is as important as the sofa, his trusty companion. In fact, in our day room, it will be fundamental to give to the small tables the task of enriching and completing the furniture of our living room. The coffee tables can hold up and support everything we need when we’ll be relaxing in our sofa; so we can put the remote control on it, a book, the eyeglasses or a cup of hot tea and more. In addition to his functionality and practicality, our coffee tables, being of central importance, must be also beautiful and match naturally with the rest of your room. InFabbrica offers a large range of coffee tables, by guaranteeing resistance and design of the latest generation. Glass, wood, steel and much more… to each his own shape and material!   

Style and design with our coffee table!

Style and design with our coffee table: The aspect of our living room will result incomplete if we do not match the coffee table to the sofa and it must be adapted to the rest of furniture of our day room. The choice of our coffee table shall be made based on the functionality we want to give to it, and according to its rule inside our room. In many cases, we could lean on objects of several types, useful to talk about our personality and us.

For example, if we use our coffee table simply as support for objects of small size, which could create confusion, the small table will be the smart solution. With Dixy, coffee table, our living room will revive thanks to its modern and delicate style at the same time. We are speaking about three tables in different heights put together, creating a strong impact and they make the environment lively and particular.

The white colour of these coffee tables will be a real element of fascination. However, if you prefer the class of the black colour and its natural aptitude to match with every single tonality, so you can choose Duca definitely.   

Its irregular shape divergences with its wavy legs, giving to it that touch of glamour and tendency. Available in white, this coffee table will consent to your coffee table to obtain personality and style.

Tinkle, the small table with structure in curved glass and rectangular-shaped is so trendy. This type of table in glass, with its sophisticated style will be perfect for you, if you’re looking for a chic and modern environment. Nordic is a small round table in glass and steel, with its circular flat surface and three legs will be ideal to keep on hand useful objects.

Lamina is a table for sofa really functional and comfortable. How many times has it happened to you to need different objects when you are comfortably in your own sofa? With this practical and comfortable table, we will have everything we need close to us and we won’t have to stand up to take it. Gift is another small table, original and catchy design.

The small glass table offers each environment class and refinement. Wry, small table in curved glass will give to your living room style. Beautiful and functional, this table will make the difference. Another table in glass with its charming aspect is Ziggy. Thanks to its particular shape, this coffee table will be noticed surely, beautifying your day room. 

Modern coffee table: style and tendency for houses “up with the times”

There are modern coffee tables really functional and full of personality, which will make your home attractive and particular. With Nemo, coffee table from its original shape, our home will acquire a touch of modernity and tendency. Another modern table very interesting is Penta; with its pentagonal flat surface and the availability in several colours, this coffee table will offer personality and style to your home. It will be, for example, interesting to pull together more Penta together, maybe in different colours to make unique the furniture of your living room. Galaxy is another one, which lights up the atmosphere around, giving a touch of design to your home. Beautiful and comfortable, outstanding for its strong personality.

Among the coffee tables in wood, the set of two tables Vinst is suitable to make your day room modern and particular. These two small tables in wood, three legs, with lacquered base in opaque white, will be determinant for the interior style of your living room. Nevertheless, if you prefer a stronger personality, with a unique style, you should choose the Shining table; available in two different sizes, it will furnish your living room with class and grit at the same time. Functional and design, Giro, a swivel small table, fascinates due to its double shelf and capacity to turn according to our exigencies.

This small table will give a touch of style to your day room, the most loved and lived space of the house. Dice and Border are two small tables so original, with structure in metal. Border has a square shape, while Dice has a round flat surface. Modern tables, original and creators of effects really nice and catchy. Another small table for the living room, design of the latest generation, is Bowl. This small table is so stylish and glamour, with its LED it illuminates the environment in a pleasant way. InFabbrica offers a large range of coffee tables! It’s up to you to choose the best one for your exigencies. 

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Cubo modern end table  Cube coffee table with a modern design, top in mirrored glass, structure in anthracite painted metal. Ideal as a coffee table for the living room. Also perfect as a bedside table. SIZES:cm. L.40 W40 H.45 - Kg 3,5 COLOUR:Mirrored Glass top with Anthracite Structure...

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Arizona Coffee table with Tray  Service table with top in removable tray, edge of the top in oak bent wood, andmetal three-foot structure. Ideal as a table of support or container, to place magazines,  remotes and small objects, when needed it also transforms into a convenient tray. Also perfect...

79,00 € 129,00 €
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Buongiorno coffee table with support tray Tray with folding base that turns into a comfortable service table. Ideal as a tray to bring breakfast to bed, table or serve coffee in the garden. Material: solid beech. Dimensions tray: D. 60xL. 40xH. 6 cm Coffee table: P. 60xL. 40xH. 50 cm...

89,00 € 127,14 €
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Secret Round Wooden coffee table  Service table with storage compartment, top edge and base in curved oak wood, and column in white painted metal. Ideal as a table or container, next to the sofa, for storing magazines, remote controls and small objects. SIZES:cm. Ø.40,5 H.45 Kg 3,8  COLOUR:Oak or...

89,00 € 159,00 €
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Kyoto modern coffee table Round coffee table, with steel structure, practical style and modern design, thanks to 9 available colours. Ideal next to sofas, as a flat surface for lamps or simply as table to serve coffee. Dimensions: cm ø 55 x H 44 - Kg 7 Colours:White RAL 9003Light grey RAL...

129,00 € 165,38 €
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Cubik painted metal coffee table  Design coffee table or nightstand made of varnished metal available in various colors, with a minimalist and cubic design, suitable for every need.Ideal as magazine rack, object holder, footstool; perfect also for your bedroom as a nightstand.  Dimensions:L 35 cm...

139,00 € 185,33 €
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Wooden Side Round Table Cosse The Cosse side table takes its name from a Friulian word meaning a wicker basket traditionally used in mountain areas.A traditional object which has inspired a harmonious and original shape. Made with shaped wooden spindles which are joined on a ring base and support...

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Narciso Round coffee Table Round coffee table for the living room, with a round mirrored acrylic crystal (Plexiglass) surface with carved decorations Wave or Artic Blue. Suitable also as a night table. Dimensions: Ø50 H60 cm Colors: Wave Mirrored, Artic Blue (as in the pictures) Made in Italy...

199,00 € 248,75 €
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Eileen Gray small table adjustable in height - design of author Structure of the small table in chromed metal with welded tops.Plane in transparent crystal ( float) diameter cm.46 depth mm 5Size: D. 51 - H. 63/99 adjustable in height - Weight 8 kg Eileen Gray 1927 Reboot  This product is made...

219,00 €

Brunelleschi Ceramic Marble Coffee Table Square coffee table, characterised a ceramic with white marble effect covering (it is similar to the calacatta marble or the statuaire one). The ceramic is combined with a transparent glass.The ceramic with marble effect can be shiny or opaque and the...

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Round small table Tulip Saarinen Ø 41 H 52 Small table for living room with round base in fusion of lacquered shiny aluminum, available with only base or with flat surface in semigloss white or black laminate or shiny marble with chamfered border.An icon of Bauhaus design. Small table size: D41...

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Marcel Breuer curved table - design Chromed structure with iron pipe diameter mm 20X1,5.White or black plastic laminated plan. Available sizes: Small cm. 45x42 H 45 - 7 kgBig cm. 45x124 H 34 - 12 kg Marcel Breuer 1925/1926 Reboot  This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance...

319,00 €
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