Grace Modern Wooden Chair
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Grace Modern Wooden Chair

Grace modern wooden chair 

Modern chair wooden made, with tissue or ecoleather padded and covered seat and seatback.
Wood and tissues completely customizable as in the paint-color samples.

Indicate in the space NOTE the chosen wood and tissue.

Size: L 45  W 51  H 87 cm
Height of the seat: 46 cm

Artisanal product of high quality
Completely made in Italy.

Grace Modern Wooden Chair

Set-up Times 20 Days
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Set-up Times 20 Days
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High quality production and a wide range of products, which can satisfy each and every need and style, offer citizens, restaurants and interior designers the opportunity to furnish rooms in a unique and distinctive fashion.

Each model is made with the best and most modern Italian materials, which guarantee resistance, long-life and the respect of the current rules and regulations which impose the use of fireproof materials when in public.

You can choose from the sample in which colours and in which fabric and ecoleathers you wish to purchase your chair(s).

This opportunity of personalization helps us satisfy a wide range of different stiles and needs:  classical chairs, country-style and modern chairs for home, hotels, restaurants, farm holiday houses and lecture halls; thus creating original and stylish atmospheres.


Ecoleather with classical leather weave
Weight 650 gr/mq - Content 88% PVC, 6% PES, 6% COT - Light Resistance 7 ISO 105 B-02
Rubbing Resistance 5 ISO 105 X-12 - Martindale >50.000 cicli - Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM

Ecoleather with ostrich leather weave
Weight 650 gr/mq - Content 87,7% PVC, 8% PES, 4,3% COT - Light Resistance 5/6 ISO 105 B-02
Rubbing Resistance 4 ISO 105 X-12 - Martindale >100.000 cicli - Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM 

Smooth and shiny PVC 
Weight 690 gr/mq - Content 80% PVC, 2% PU, 10% PES, 8% COT - Thickness 1 mm
Tear resistance long 35 N UNI 4818-P.9 -  Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM 

PVC with shiny and matty reflections
Weight 700 gr/mq - Content 85% PVC, 2% PU, 9% PES, 4% COT - Thickness 1,1 mm
Tear Resistance long 50 N UNI 4818-P.9 - Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM 

Plain coloured fabric
Weight 430 gr/mq - Content 48% PU, 21% PES, 31% COT -  Light Resistance 4/5 ISO 105 B-02
Rubbing Resistance 4/5 ISO 105 X-12 - Martindale >200.000 cicli - Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM

Fabric with a slight flower pattern
Weight 430 gr/mq - Content 48% PU, 21% PES, 31% COT -  Light Resistance 4/5 ISO 105 B-02
Rubbing Resistance 4/5 ISO 105 X-12 - Martindale >200.000 cicli - Fire Resistance Classe 1 IM


Spray and rub the surface of the fabric with water and soap.
In order to clean specific stains of any type:

  • take action immediately
  • to avoid leaving marks, rub the fabric moving from the outside to the centre of the stain.
  • when using a solvent, never pour it directly on the fabric, but on a clean cloth
  • do not lean on the fabric or sit on it before it has finished drying completely

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