Armchairs: Soft, comfortable and relaxing... What comes to mind? The armchairs, wonderful pieces of furniture, inevitable for each reputable domestic atmosphere. For its own nature, the armchair reminds to the idea of tranquillity, a shelter from the everyday life and a break physically and mentally from the frenzy of our routine days. The armchairs Relax, being most of the time collocated in the living room, are central for the furniture of our interior; therefore, it’s essential to choose correctly, with taste and smartly the perfect armchair for our room. There is a variety of modern armchairs and it’s up to you to decide which fit our case. We must not leave anything to chance, but we have to take time to make the right choice because it will rend our home warmer and cosier.

Modern, classic and design armchairs

Modern, classic and design armchairs: Nowadays, our lives are more and more stressful and we are forced to run from a part to another to respect our commitments and timetable. Last few hours and then finally home! What’s more relaxing than a comfortable and soft seat, which can embrace us and will permit us to take a break? The armchairs must be comfortable and captivating, we need them to relax after a very long day. Infabbrica offers the opportunity to have the relax armchair of our dreams, guaranteeing quality and resistance, without leaving out the aesthetic aspect, which for a central element as the armchair, should never miss.    

The armchairs will be an element of furniture not just for our living room, but they can enrich our office, making it cosier. We can so chat with our colleagues or with our guests, comfortably seated in our office armchair; our work environment will be warmer and friendly, allowing everyone to feel comfortable, like home. We will give to our office a touch of elegance, but at the same time a natural aspect with Hetepher, small armchair in faux leather available in different colours; we can choose the colour, which matches perfectly with the rest of furniture and tapestry of your room, creating a sophisticated and chic atmosphere. For those who have a classic and precious office, Chester will represent the perfect choice. The leather, of which this elegant office armchair is made of, guarantees a result and an effect of strong impact; in fact, the leather, thanks to its millennial use and high level of quality, it will be ideal to rend your office always elegant and never banal. In this case as well, there is a large possibility of choice of colours, so we can choose in base of our personal tastes and particular preferences; beyond the precious leather, it is available also the material that respects the environment: the faux leather. Leather or faux leather, black, white, red wine and other colours, for an armchair from a unique and elegant style. With Business, office armchair in black and with a sophisticated design, will give to our work environment a mix of elegance and functionality; fitted with wheels, padded seat and backrest, this armchair will donate style and elegance to your office. The office armchairs will make your work environment beautiful, transferring warm, style and personality.

Fantasy and colours: design armchair for a unique style

Fantasy and colours: design armchair for a unique style: Lovers of colours and original fantasies… are you ready to explore the thousands shades Infabbrica offers? Visiting our web site, you will find easily the section dedicated to the armchairs. You will find a large range of design armchair, from unique and original fantasies, which will make your environment absolutely precious and not banal, at all. Shapes and particular colours, which will make your home exclusive and really inimitable. A design armchair like Lilly, from a particular and original shape and a fantasy so unique and distinctive, it will represent in the best way the modernity and the evolution of the design. With its juxtaposition of colours and its patchwork fantasy, Lilly has all the typical characteristics of a design trendy armchair, modern and full of personality. Thanks to its presence, we are going to decorate our living room, giving a touch of colour to the more lived and loved room of our home. Chaise Longue, a sinuous armchair with a long body, has an enviable personality. Modern design and unique design for an armchair that looks like a bed, thanks to its long line and the incorporated pillow; swivel 360 degrees, this relax armchair will offer relax and comfort. What are you waiting for? For those who love the colours, but at the same time a simpler style, Lean will be the right solution. This small swivel armchair in a classic style, but in modern tonalities will give to your interior charm and sophistication, a touch of energy to make or home more characteristic. Its comfortable seat and the possibility to turn according to the necessities, will make it beautiful and particular, but also pratical and comfortable, central elements for a valid armchair. This small coloured and practical armchair, will decorate our living room or bedroom, and it will be noticed thanks to its exclusive aspect e its harmonic colours. With Kaleidos, small rocking armchair, we will create a relaxing corner in our bedroom, particular and captivating. A seat, which will embrace us and will create a sophisticated environment, elegant and “retro” with a personal touch to our bedroom and our living room.

Details in gold and Italian style for an artistic movement, which made the history and makes people fall in love from all over the world. We are speaking about the baroque, an artistic and cultural movement of the XVII century; luxury and glitz are the central element of the baroque, which loves to exaggerate, to go beyond the detail, the core of this style. The centrality of frames and gold are unavoidable characteristics. Even if the time passed, the baroque style is more and more researched and appreciated by people who are looking for greatness and uniqueness. As we said before, Infabbrica proposes a series of original and unique solution for a piece of furniture as the armchair is; it could not forget the baroque style and its huge treasure. Modern armchairs like Orlando, in microfiber, fascinate and capture with their details in gold and velvet covering. Modern design mixed with a classic style makes this armchair the symbol of luxury and the love for the extravagance. Surely particular, it’s adapt for splendid interior, rich of details in gold and why not, also for sober environments to give a particular touch, which seems to miss.  

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Diamond Dimple Closed Colored design chair  Body in colored polypropylene, white, cream, light grey, black, red, ocean blue, mustard, mauve grey. Composition: 85% polypropylene and 15% glass fibre. Resistente ai raggi UV. Resistant to UV rays. Plated metal base, white or black painted Dimensions:...

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Natural Miss B Antishock chair armchair with wooden structure  Natural Miss B Antishock chair - Polycarbonate anti-shock structure trasparent or white. Frame in beech natural. Avaible in the version with fix textil seat cushion on the chair. Size: L 58 W 60 H 77 sitting H 45 Minimum order N.2...

240,00 € 269,00 €
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ZigZag Dimple Chair  Dimple seat, in white, tan, light grey, dark grey, black, red, ocean blue, mustard, mauve polypropylene. Composition: 85% polypropylene and 15% crystal fibre. Ultraviolet resistant.Legs in natural ash, dyed walnut or black.Legs support in metal varnished white or black. Size:...

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Renè Herbst 1930 armchair with metal structure with arms and elastic strings- design of author Structure in iron chromed tube,diameter mm 25x2.Covering of the seat, back and arms with cotton upholstered elastic strings.Size cm. L. 57 - W 55 - H 86  Weight Kg. 11 Minimum Order: 1 piece (with black...

349,00 €

Padded Seat with frame 4 legs in steel Uni-Ka 594  Padded seat with body in polypropylene, available in 8 colours and interior padding in polyurethane coated with Sawana, ecoleather Inca or fabric Wool Europost.Frame in 4 legs in varnished, chromed satinized or bright. N.B. Write in the provided...

369,00 €

Swivel Chair Tulip Chair with round base in fusion lacquered shiny aliminium and seat in ABS (shiny) or in fiberglass (matt), foam pillow in fabric coated. The pillow is assured to the chair by 4 velcro spots.An icon of Bauhaus design. Size: L49 W57 H82 - H52 cm seat with pillowWEIGHT: 11 kg...

379,00 €

Design wooden Armchair  Armchair with painted metal tube frame.Seat in mahogany or black lacquered curved plywood.Upholstered seat with polyurethane foam and covered in leather. Size: L62 W78 H86 backrest – H44 seat - Kg 16Wood colors: Mahogany. Seat cover: Black leatherHalf grain leather...

449,00 €

Bauhaus armchair with reclining backrest Armchair with a seatback with changeable backrest angle. Chromed iron structure.Seat and backrest in full grains leather or natural pony,armrests in full grains leather. Size:L 60 cm – W 64 cm – H 66 cm     P 13 kg Chromed tube structure Ø 25x2 and Ø14x2...

489,00 €

Wassily armchair with tube in chromed metal and leather or pony  Structure in chromed metal with covering in frosted leather mm 2,4 / 2,6 thick Color: white, black or natural pony. Marcel Breuer 1925 Reboot  Approximate size cm. L. 79 - W. 69 - H. 73 Structure in iron tube diameter mm 20x1,5 with...

499,00 €

Mondrian design armchair Armchair with solid wooden frame in lacquered black and yellow. Seat and back in lacquered blue and red MD. Famous icon of the twentieth century design. Size: cm. L 65,5 – W 83 – H 88 backrest – H33 seat Colors: as shown in the picture 1918 reboot This product is made...

509,00 €

Diamond chromed metal armchair- design of autor Structure of the armchair with welded rods in chromed metal and padded cushion in printed calfskin for the seat. Harry Bertoia 1952 Reboot Size cm. L 85 - W 73 - H 75 This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance of materials...

549,00 €

Swivel Armchair Tulip Armchair with arms and round base in fusion lacquered shiny aliminium and seat in fiberglass (matt), foam pillow in fabric coated. The pillow is assured to the chair by 4 velcro spots.An icon of Bauhaus design. Size: L59 W68 H84 - H52 cm seat with pillowWEIGHT: 13 kg Colour...

559,00 €
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