Outdoor LED lamps

Outdoor LED lamps

Outdoor LED lamps: LED lamps have very charming features that make them the right choice to enlighten your house, especially your outdoor areas. In fact, LED lamps utilize an innovative technology that make them more environmentally friendly than traditional lamps in the name of energetic saving. Moreover, LED bulbs last much longer, up to 80.000 hours.

Outdoor LED lamps are designed to withstand open weather exposure: wind, rain, snow and whatnot.
Buying an outdoor LED lamp, then, you choose a quality product, durable and aesthetically pleasing.
Choose the outdoor LED lamp you prefer among the models of Infabbrica!

Outdoor LED lamps: the ideal for your outdoor

Outdoor LED lamps are the ideal for the outdoor areas of your house. They’re perfect in the garden, as floor lamps to light up the path, or as wall lamps to enlighten the table when you have dinner in the garden in the warmest nights.

Outdoor LED lamps are fundamental in a terrace, no matter what is the use you make of it. LED lamps are very useful also above the front door, to help you looking for your key and putting it into the keyhole. A well-lit house looks more tidy and elegant.

The light of outdoor LED lamps is perfect to light up outdoor areas, because LED bulbs produce the characteristic white light, ideal to enlighten a dark area such as a garden or a terrace.

LED technology was invented quite recently, and since then it has increasingly met with success thanks to its undeniable advantages compared to normal bulbs.

Originally, LED bulbs had a little defect: they diffused a bluish light that appeared a little cold. This characteristic was due to particular LED technology diodes, called Light Emitting Diodes. In the recent, this problem has been solved effectively. LED lamps, nowadays, produce a bright white light.

Why too choose LED lamps for your outdoor

Why too choose LED lamps for your outdoor: As we said before, LED lamps are the right choice to light up your outdoor, for many reasons:

  • Outdoor LED lamps are designed to withstand open weather exposure.
  • They last much longer than traditional bulbs: they survive up to 20 years, that’s why they are a little more expensive than common lamps.
  • The light that they diffuse is white, bright and luminous, ideal to light up at night.
  • They allow a significant energy saving: up to 80% on the electric bill!
  • Energy saving means reduced consumption, that’s why they last longer, helping the environment and consuming less natural resources. Moreover, LED diodes doesn’t emit toxic substances such as mercury and their CO2emissions are 6 times lower than that of the other lamps.

Infabbrica’s outdoor LED lamps

On you’ve got a whole wide catalogue of outdoor LED lamps: you can choose among them the perfect model for you, that meet your tastes and your practical needs.
In fact, Infabbrica propose you long lasting and quality lighting, without excluding the aesthetics of the furniture. Living in a house well-furnished makes us happier and calmer: it’s a scientifically proven fact!
Choose your outdoor LED lamps in the catalogue of Infabbrica, you won’t regret it! If you need assistance, our staff is glad to give you all the information, the clarifications and the help you may need. You just have to pick up the phone and dial 0721-580999 or mail us at


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Venus PT1 outdoor light with led Body of the light in foil of brushed steel and superior diffusor in satin acrylic. Available in two sizes:Small - Ø.12 H.60Lightbulb: max 1 X 28W GU10 / LED / 230V IncludedMedium - Ø.12 H.80  Lightbulb: max 1 X 28W GU10 / LED / 230V Included Degree of protection:...

85,00 €

2Flame outdoor cylindrical lamp with led Outdoor wall lamp with led in anti-rust brushed aluminium.Direct functioning at 230V. 2 x 1W 45 lm 2700K Included2 x 140 cdangle of illumination 35°  Degree of protection: IP44 Size: H.24 W.8 cm Made abroad.

139,00 €
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